St Patrick’s day and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY – we went to the parade in the beautiful sunshine. Thank goodness it was a great day.

It has been awhile since we attended a parade to be honest, the girls haven’t been involved in one recently and the town doesn’t have one here. So we went down to Kells in County Meath to the local parade there this afternoon.

Caitlin donned her usual green and of course had the green ribbons in her hair. Becca actually wore green too although she of course though the whole thing was “SO torturous ! ” But the girls were happy to see their riding school in the parade and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was also in the parade.

Yes the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from the film – it was a bit odd to see it among the usual marching bands and tractors but it was something different at least.

Becca had the dentist yesterday and she is still not finished, she has more problems with the baby teeth -this time it is the top ones, they are not rotten or anything like that, no they are totally healthy but they are sinking (can they be sinking if they are going up?) again and may fuse with her jaw so they want to review and possibly remove more of them. Ironically she has prematurely got her wisdom teeth which fit in where the teeth on the bottom have been removed so she doesn’t have too many gaps. Poor kid it does feel never ending !!

Caitlin and I have been making cookies again – she nagged me to death about it so I had to give in !!
These are snicker cookies as Caitlin calls them – peanut butter and chocolate spread make these totally tasty.

We made two batches and still have more mixture left over, my waistline will suffer I am sure.

For Jo who wanted the recipe and asked so nicely 🙂 – here it is

Ingredients –
4 oz unsalted butter (softened)
7oz plain flour
3oz soft light brown sugar
1 egg
2 desert spoons chocolate spread
2 desert spoons peanut butter
3oz caster sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
optional chocolate chips ( the kids had eaten them so we had none this time )

Preheat the oven to 180 c or 350 f or gas mark 4

1. Cream the butter and both the sugars together in a large bowl with a electric whisk until creamy
2. Add the egg and the chocolate spread and peanut butter into the bowl.
3. Sieve the flour and baking powder into the bowl mix in with a wooden spoon. Stir in Chocolate chips.
4. Place 6 heaped desert spoonfuls of cookie dough onto a baking tray leaving space to spread between each cookie.
5. bake for 14/15 mins take out of the oven and leave to set for a couple of minutes. When set eat with big glass of milk.

And I scrapped again – it is finally coming back to me slowly. I did a layout about my love of the colour turquoise, it is in my wardrobe, in every room in the house to be honest.


2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s day and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  1. Jo Power says:

    Lovely layout. I want to make peanutbutter and chocolate cookies could you give me your recipe or do you know where I might beable to find one they look really yummy. Thank you


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