Happy April Fool’s day :)

Happy April Fool’s day – personally I am not overly keen on this day it just seems an excuse for people to get away with stuff but hey who am I to judge, I actually checked out the origins for Caitlin ( she asked – I googled ) turns out it might have something to do with planting your crops to early or Chaucer might have something to do with it and having studied Chaucer in school I blame him for a lot of stuff so he might as well take the blame for this too !!

It has been a hard end to the month – I am afraid I will not be imparting details here as it is not my story to tell but due to this “struggle” things have been a bit crazy and life has been up in the air. So I am picture short and haven’t much to tell ( not much of an updater am I LOL )
I have been as usual minding the beautiful and bright Rachel – she is such a character and I enjoy her company immensely.

She was feeling arty yesterday so indulged her much as I did with my own kids when they were younger. Personally I think you are never to young to get messy with paint !!

While she was painting the kitchen different shades of blue I made my Mum a birthday card – her birthday is tomorrow and she is coming up on Friday. I am more than grateful for her at this time she has been a rock recently and I am so thankful for her steady, calm advice.

She and Dad are bringing the dog with them – poor thing looks like a lampshade, he has been chipped and chopped and generally had a run in with the vet. Look at that face bless him.

The kids are dying to meet Yoshi – not sure if the dog will feel the same though 🙂

And last weekend was the first Anniversary of this lovely couple – Congratulations guys hope you had fun down in Kilkenny.


One thought on “Happy April Fool’s day :)

  1. Tigger's rambling says:

    Oh Amber sorry to hear that things aren’t good at the moment, I hope whatever it is gets all sorted out soon {{{Hugs}}} That niece of yours is such a cutie and wow she is getting very grown up all of a sudden, where is the baby face gone!!!


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