Bunny Printables

What do you do with bored kids in during the holidays in the rain ?? Well this dilemma hit me this week three girls in a small house get up to mischief if left to their own devises so I decided to make some Easter crafts. A couple of years ago I had made Bunny egg holders with the Brownies – so I thought I would look for the pattern but I couldn’t find it online and I couldn’t find the file on my machine anywhere so I came up with the bright idea to try and make one myself.

My first drawing as you can see was a bit makeshift – umm rulers are obviously thin on the ground in our house and my drawing skills are lacking.

But soon we were producing bunnies easily, even wee Rachel sure we had to cut it out for her but she was a dab hand with the Pritt stick and her’s was made with white card and my dodgy template so she could colour it in.

They come together easily and hold a kinder egg sized egg or a bag of mini sized eggs if you prefer.

I made a much neater template on the computer (although I am biased and am not sure if it is as cute ) but if you right click and save and print onto thin card you can make your own.

First cut out the pieces and fold the bottom of the bunny at the dotted lines, wrap the long strips around the front of the bunny and glue together – glue the feet to the front to cover the join and glue the arms to the back of the bunny and wrap around the front – glue the heart in the middle of the hands.
Add bows and decoration as you like and have a great Easter.


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