Happy Easter and the Easter Rice crispie cakes

Happy Easter – I am so full of food it is not funny, between the chocolate eggs in plentiful supply, the rice crispy cakes and the large lamb dinner followed by apple pie and custard I am not sure if I can fit in another bite.

Caitlin and I made these rice crispy nests to share with friends they are chocolate and marshmallow and very yummy.

Caitlin took a plate of them and some of the paper rabbits with chocolate eggs around to her friend next door while I was prepping dinner for nine which I had somehow got talked into making !!

I decided to make a centre-piece for the table using the template and gluing them together without the arms ( poor bunnies) and used some of my many flowers to decorate it.
Jennie, John, Rachel and Mark all came over for dinner and we stuffed ourselves silly and then took some pictures of the wee one for her mammy she looked so cute with her basket that her Granny had sent her for Easter.

We had one extra guest for dinner Jasmine from next door came over and had a sleepover with Caitlin they have been friends for a long time.

– two girls completely hyper on chocolate ( it was a long time until they finally fell asleep) while Becca went over to her Auntie’s to dye her hair purple – it didn’t work very well unfortunately and her head is just even redder than before, it still looks okay though.


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