First Bar-be-Cue of the Year and Jennie’s birthday

What a gorgeous weekend of weather we are having – it is so sunny, summer feels just around the bend and we had our first Bar-be-Cue of the year yesterday to kick off the summer season.
We ate lots of food and soaked in the sun until it disappeared and basically let the kids loose to run of some of the energy they have been storing during the wet weather of the previous week.

Rachel was stuffing away the food including rather large a piece of steak which she tried to stuff in all at once, she was in great form though and was full of devilment.

She thought putting a plastic bucket on her Uncle CJ’s head would be fun – it was obviously !

Then she thought it would be funny to push over her Uncle Mark – many times – all while he was obliging me by posing for the camera in the style of a catalogue model 🙂

It was a fun way to round off the week which had started with Jennie’s Birthday – yes my darling sister turned 30 this week ( shhh she is still getting over that big round number ) and she was quite adamant that we were not to make a fuss, in fact she was trying to ignore it as much as humanly possible.
But we are big meanies and wouldn’t listen and so I made pavlova as Jennie doesn’t like cake – actually I made two the first held here by the lovely Rebecca was a cheat and store brought but the boys saw it and decided that they needed pavlova there and then which put pay to pavlova number 1.

So I quickly had to resort to plan B which was to make my own pavlova number 2 which was yummy if I do say so myself – it had chocolate flakes in it.

We went over to surprise Jennie with pressies, pavlova and champagne turns out she wasn’t too upset by a little attention after all and blew out her candles to embrace her new age with a little help from Rachel of course.

Finally I leave you with my latest layout totally inspired by Candice Greenway – her work is always amazing – she did the cutest layout of her dog at Easter and it inspired this layout.


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