Becca, the Dentist and the Leopard print jeans

It hasn’t been the most eventful week to be honest – well it has and it hasn’t – Becca had the dentist and it was yet more bad news, more work needs to be done but they are leaving the decision up to us as to when it will be done. Becca is happy to leave it for now as she is in enough pain with the wisdom teeth she has coming up and summer exams in a couple of weeks, she did manage to persuade her Dad to take her into Dublin and get these trousers though which kind of took the sting out of the bad news.

Caitlin found an abandoned nest at the beginning of the week which she was thrilled to be able to bring in for the nature table at school.

David came up to visit before he is off on his travels yesterday and the kids were thrilled to use him as a climbing frame and it was lovely to see him even if it was a flying visit.

And today Caitlin was singing in the school choir she even got a chance at the microphone in a duet with her friend Lauren – they are good little singers.

As promised here are the other two layouts I did last week – I was right I didn’t do a thing this week in the end.
The first is one I did with older pictures from Tracy’s wedding – well the day after the wedding when we went down to say goodbye to Trace and Simon and Tracy’s parents.

And of course I had to do one about Meg’s obsession with my scrap supply boxes – every time I got a new delivery of goodies Meg would be in it !! She hasn’t been able to get in one of those boxes for awhile now – it has been an age since I have had any new supplies and that is the way it will stay it seems for now.


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