Poorly kids and New Scrapbook Layouts

Hello people – well if last week was uneventful this week was worse because about 20 minutes after Caitlin finished her singing last week she started to feel ill, at first I thought it was the excitement and the singing causing the sore throat and dizziness but her temperature went through the roof and I knew it was something more. She then slept pretty much solid for the next two days ( which is what she does when ill – she is a very good patient) and her sister came down with it pretty soon after.

So I had three kiddies here off school for the beginning of the week, they were all better by Thursday and back to school and no as far as I know it wasn’t swine flu !
Rachel is finally starting playschool on Monday and has been getting into practise by going to the toilet like a big girl and learning all the songs – here she is attempting incey wincey spider ! Which must be followed by a storming rendition of I’m a little teapot or otherwise I get given out too – she is a bossy little madam when she wants to be !!

Caitlin’s friend, knowing she had been ill,kindly gave her some Hama beads to keep her occupied and Caitlin made this cool horse modelled on the pony she rides on Saturday.

They were finally better this weekend and went riding on Saturday in the rain – good job they have an indoor arena as it was monsoon style rain.

When it cleared up in the afternoon the girls and I went down to the shops for smoothies and brought some herbs which Caitlin helped me plant up in the planter for the back garden.
We got Rosemary, Thyme and Parsley.

I did two layouts this week – I am actually so pleased with them but I am not happy with my picture taking skills – they never look quite right.
Anyway the first is of Caitlin riding she really is pony mad.

And of course one of the wee girl and her love of dress up.


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