Happy Birthday Nana

First things first HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA – her birthday is today and she is off gallivanting somewhere already. Love you Nana.

This is her and my Dad back in 1943 ( I think as I am guessing) She is still as pretty now I think and Dad is still cute in his own way too.

Back to news this week – Rachel was ill the poor thing with sky-high temperatures and the like she kept trying to get outside and play but I had to be mean and keep bringing her back inside.

Becca had her final exams and final day of First year on Friday – she is thrilled she has 3 months off for the summer – me I am not so thrilled my house has been full of teenagers since Friday afternoon.

After my trip to the supermarket last week I found these there this week – I love it when I find craft stuff in unusual places.

I have been scrapbooking but my printer is out of ink and the shop swore that I was wrong with the cartridge number and that the one they supplied was the right one – THEY were wrong !!
I am still ink-less darn it – but see I am mid layout – when I get ink I will share it properly.

This weekend the weather was amazing but unfortunately CJ had to work – typical – so I took the girls riding with Mark on Saturday, the weather was fab so they were outside. Caitlin begged me to bring the camera and get some pictures of her jumping and one of Chester the horse – he liked my camera.

She did well and she is very confident on a horse now, as is her sister.

Becca wasn’t having a great lesson as Milly the horse rolled and she had to jump off to avoid being squashed but she pulled it together and was jumping too.

Rachel was finally better by this weekend and was out enjoying the sunshine and washing her Barbies, apparently we are having a Bar-b-que tomorrow if it stays nice.

Well I am off to enjoy the sunshine too it is way to nice to be inside.


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