The Paddling Pool and Cj’s birthday

What a week of summery weather we have had and long overdue it was too and to make life even more interesting we have had three days off school, two bbq’s and one birthday to add to the mix.

The hose has never seen so much use and the kids took delight in playing with it and running around the back garden, we bar-be-cued everything we could – food tastes so much better outside in the sun.

Bank holiday Monday we had a bar-be-Que at Jennie and John’s and Rachel was loving the sunshine and spraying anyone she could with the hose – she even made herself a rainbow.

The was lots of messing going on – first Becca soaked her Uncle Mark so he then wrestles the hose of her and soaked her and then decided to soak Jennie too leading to much hilarity, the sun obviously had gone to their heads !!

On Thursday Mum and Dad came up to visit and luckily the weather held out and they brought up another new member of the family, another rescue doggy called Ruby.

She is such a dote, well behaved, quiet and good with people and other animals too even though I know she is not the prettiest of pooches she more that makes up for it personality.

The weather held out even though we were warned it would break but in our little part of Ireland the temperature again rose to a gorgeous 25 degrees and we decided on another BBQ dinner but not before we took Ruby on a walk down to the lake to stretch her legs.

Turns out Ruby loves the water nearly as much as the kiddies do and even Rachel went in for a paddle with Caitlin.

We came back for our dinner but as the sun went down the temperature went too but we persevered even if we had to resort to blankets and jumpers to keep warm and even if we looked slightly mad to the neighbours.

The Friday was CJ’s birthday but in the morning Rebecca had a hair appointment to get the fringe cut back in – I think she looks so grown up with it.

We also had to vote of course which meant Caitlin had another day off school although with the voting it was kind of like picking the best of a bad lot really.

After CJ got lots of Rugby related goodies including the Grand Slam top I had promised him we gave him his cake – lovely it was too.

Mum and Dad had to go home unfortunately but David came up to say Happy Birthday too finally we rounded the week up with horse riding and rugby which seems to be a feature of my Saturday’s at the moment.

Oh and the only crafting I did at all this week was a birthday card I had to quickly throw together because in the middle of all the chaos Caitlin had a birthday party to attend thank goodness for Basic Grey Archaic line – lots of dinosaurs perfect for small boys.


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