Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday dear daddy – Happy birthday to you 🙂
It is this lovely man’s birthday today and I did chat with him on the phone today but you know a mention on the blog is deserved too.

It has been a mightily quiet week this week with one big exception – On Thursday Caitlin had a run in with a go cart – the go cart won and Caitlin ended up in A and E with a dislocated bone in her wrist.
She is now wearing a very fetching sling and will be for at least a week until the swelling in her arm goes down and the bone moves back into place.

Typically it had to be the arm she writes with !!
Anyway it could be worse she could have broken it which is what they thought at the hospital because she was having problems feeling her fingers. She was very brave about it all no tears or anything it was funny though nearly every kid in the waiting room was waiting on an x ray for a broken arm – the nurse said it was the season for it.

I am still unable to work the printer is still on the fritz and I am now getting slightly miffed waiting but what can you do hey
So I thought I would share this – it is a project I did for a magazine and it has a story too it they wanted a block for a 40 year old – I am in my thirties and don’t know many 40 year olds that I have lots of pictures of so I had to improvise and I used pictures of myself and aged myself prematurely just check out those fetching pictures of me in 70’s clothing and my Mum in her very cool glasses . I am unfortunately feeling like a ninety year old at the moment as I pulled my back lifting Rachel yesterday that will teach me won’t it.


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