Harry Potter, Family parties and Summer fun

Summertime is in full swing with the kids off school, rain pelting down everyday, sure we even had thunder and lightening today!

Because of this traditional Irish summer I am having to become inventive with things to keep the kids occupied so this week I dug out my old foam stamps – you know the ones we are not supposed to use on layouts anymore because they are old hat (by the way who makes up these rules ? I would like a word with them ! )

Luckily kids don’t care about trends so I let them loose with my ink and they loved it especially Rachel as she has never stamped before and she was so proud of her art work it is now adorning both mine and her Mum’s fridge.

The only draw back was an inked covered toddler but it washed off which is handy and anything to keep them busy is good in my books.

I have even got them thinking housework is fun – Rachel loves vacuuming, she isn’t great at it admittedly but she is getting better and it is about having fun not cleaning really.

We also braved the park during the week as we were fooled by sunshine into a false sense of security – we were there all of ten minutes when the heavens opened.

There is no shelter in the park and it is at least a ten minute walk home and when I say it was pelting I am not kidding – Caitlin was in the slide when it started and we thought of hiding in there and Rachel just thought it was funny to get soaked, we ended up making a run for it and sheltered in the local GAA grounds under the stands until it passed over before returning home to towels and hot chocolate !!
Mum and Dad came for a visit last week – the kids were thrilled to say the least mainly because of this little lady – they love the grandparents but Ruby is one special dog.

I know she doesn’t look pretty and people may worry as her breed have a “reputation” but she is an absolute angel, she is so gentle and sweet natured and truly the best behaved dog I have ever met.
And the way she reacts to the kids is incredible – with Rachel who is more scared and wary, she always keeps a distance and never rushes near her and she lets Rachel approach her and would never jump up – it is like she knows.

With Caitlin she plays and acts much more excitable because Cait is that kind of kiddo, she is a bit mental, so the dog knows she can play a bit more and will bring her rope to play with – but again never too out of control.

We were also very pleased to have Granny and Grandpop there and I know my parents worry they cause chaos when they arrive but it is always fun – we had a large dinner of very yummy stir-fry and rice which went done a storm and we had very nice wine too – so nice that Dad insisted I must take a picture so we would remember which one it was.

We had fed the younger kids first as Caitlin had her friend over and they had the treat of ice-cream and a movie while the adults were eating.

We then went out to enjoy the Gazebo – we found out that it does come in useful and looks quite pretty when the boys strung up some lights.

There was lots of silliness out there I can tell you including myself and my not so little brother having Camera Wars while Becca played Star Wars music – told you it was silly.

That was Friday night and last Saturday I attended the beautiful and lovely Mireille’s Hen night which was so much fun.
I got to spend time with Kate and Janet too and there was singing – oh my the singing !!

There was gorgeous food and lots of wine and Mireille’s lovely niece help so much she was an absolute star. It was a very late night not helped by the fact that Mireille had me share a room with the lovely Sharon who maybe the only person I have met that can talk as much as me – we had to finally give in and sleep when we saw the sunrise LOL

I got a hat – which I wore while singing so I brought it home for Caitlin who is only thrilled with the pink hat and has snaffled it as her own

I did take pictures but I haven’t ask permission to place people all over the Internet so I will not place them here but I do intend on placing them in this album, I designed it as a class last year and made a new one to hold pictures of our weekend the minute I get some pictures printed out.

I did hear some awful news this week – well awful for me as one of my favourite shops is closing down.

I adore Borders the bookshop so much I made a layout about it and what is not to love there are Books, good Coffee and lots of arty pretty goodies – I will miss it as it was the one place we always met up in while shopping and everyone loved.

It is where we attended the midnight release of Harry Potter and where I could get American scrapbooking magazines – it is sad to see it go another business lost to the recession.


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