Little Monkeys and Morticia Hair

Hello, the summer is flying past isn’t it, can’t believe it is August already.
CJ had some days off last week so we took the opportunity to head to the big smoke to see the new Harry Potter movie with the girls – it was enjoyable enough and I would like to actually watch it again just to take it in but it definitely didn’t stick to the book but as I re-call that book was a brick of a book anyway.

After the movie and a bite to eat we hit the shops – Becca who is not usually a shopaholic or that demanding when it comes to labels or things like that, has been after a pair of Vans for a LONG time and has been saving to get them so she finally got her first pair – to say she is happy is an understatement .

Caitlin also got something this week – she had taken a fall at riding and is now doing big jumps at riding so we thought it was a good idea to get her a body protector, she was lucky the last time she fell and was okay but it is not a chance we wanted to take again.

Body Protectors have to be properly fitted and Cait is such a small little thing so there was lots of trying on but she is now ready to go.

She also was getting crafty and made this for her door – she is getting good at this crafting lark all I did this time was cut the C out of the paper she did the rest.

We also had some carrot cake while we were busy and I have promised to teach her how to make it in the next couple of weeks.

I was supposed to be attending my friends wedding this week unfortunately the fates conspired against me and instead we ended up being little monkeys in the play center, I brought Rachel, Caitlin, Becca and Andrew.
Rachel hadn’t liked it when we took her before but this time she was in her element and basically tore around the place like a loon – she had us worn out chasing after her.

There was no going on the small slide for this girl and she insisted on heading for the “BIG GIRL ” slide, which is up a long and convoluted jungle gym.

It was a bit too high to go up by herself so the teenagers, who I thought would be bored by now, willingly volunteered to bring her on it – in fact I had a hard time getting them back off it again.

Luckily the girl who runs the place was willing to let them on as they were doing a good job of minding the kids.

They took a quick time out to fill up with sugary slushies and were off again.

Playing in the ball pit went down well especially with Becca, although she didn’t appreciate us throwing her in the first time and she lost her zen mp3 player and we had to root for it to find it but she got over it and started to enjoy herself.

Although she did threaten me with the football if I took another picture !!

On Saturday Caitlin and her friend Jazz begged for a sleepover so we gave in and they set themselves up with goodies and DVD’s and settled in for the night.

They seemed chirpy enough the following morning too they actually weren’t to noisy and seem to sleep quite well.
While they were sing along to High School Musical or whatever it was they were watching ! Becca was over at her Auntie’s house turning her hair a different colour this time she went blue black. She looks very cool – all pale and interesting !!

And I am under no circumstances allowed to call her Morticia LOL


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