Happy Birthday to Me

The last weeks in August are always a bit “crazy” as Rachel is fond of saying, between our Wedding Anniversary and my birthday and the inevitable rush to get everything prepared for going back to school and I have been guilty of neglecting this blog of mine.
This year CJ and I were celebrating ten years of marriage ( where on earth does the time go ?)

I have made a card every year we have been together so I decided to keep with tradition and make one – at the last minute of course.

Two days later it was my birthday – timed that one well didn’t I ? And the less said about how old I have become the better but I was spoiled rotten so I will quit complaining.

CJ treated me to breakfast in bed with pastries from the new bakery in town, everyone knows I love where I live and now I love it even more because the most gorgeous bakery has opened – it looks so like a French bakery and the pastries and cakes are divine, god help my waistline !!

The girls brought me a lovely vase in my favourite colours with their own money no less!

Even Andrew spoiled me by bring me some gorgeous flowers and Jennie-Lee my lovely sister brought me the most gorgeous bedding – again in my favourite colour.

And after dinner I was treated to a surprise birthday cake – organised by my brother and sister again from the new bakery.

It was just gorgeous but the hubby forgot to get any pictures before it was demolished when he was in charge of the camera as I was busy blowing out candles, so I had to take shots after it had been demolished.

The parents came up this weekend baring gifts and delivering a doggy for minding as they take the trip to France.

Mam will kill me for this picture I am sure – but hey she is off to France so I will risk it.

And this week all my girls are finally back to school – books have been brought, shudder, the price is always a bit frightening to be honest and the appropriate and trendy school bags are packed and the newly purchased uniforms have been pressed.

Caitlin was first back she was looking forward to it as she had her 2nd class teacher again and she adored her. All went well on her first day and she seems to have settled back well.

Rachel was back to playschool, she is also wearing proper pants and is coming on in leaps and bounds with her training. Also she now has discovered “why?” you know that phase they go through when every question comes with a “why ?” attached.

Last back was Becca who was back today – no pictures were allowed this morning of course, Becca doesn’t “do” mornings and truth be told co-ordinating all the differing start times and lunch requirements was about all I could handle anyway.
And finally my lovely friend Janet () had a beautiful baby boy this week so welcome to the world baby Elijah 🙂


One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Suzanne says:

    Gosh Amber, am worn out just reading what you have been up to LOL! Belated birthday wishes, looks like you were spoiled rotten, beautiful pressies and cake there. Love the wa card you made too – truly beautiful. xxx's.


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