Sorry for the delay – life happened

Yet again another long gap between updates but I have my reasons and this has been a particularly hard couple of weeks – our small community was hit by an awful tragedy in which a friend and lovely young lady lost her life last week,which knocked everyone around here for six.
The details have made the headlines and you suddenly realise that being part of a small and welcoming community as we are means that you too are affected when something like this happens, so we have all been pulling together to get us though.

It is strange how life goes on turning though and so it has – we had been minding Ruby while Mum and Dad were in France, she has the most loving personality and gentle nature and everyone has been taking it in turns to walk her.

Caitlin got her chance the other day – she had been begging for days and I felt a good long walk would be good for all of us to be honest. So we took her on the usual walk down the lake and thankfully had a beautiful day for it. Ruby loves the water and inevitably ended up wet.
Then we trekked through the woods before heading home with Caitlin’s haul of nature for the school nature table.

Talking of all things nature I meant to post about this last time but forgot !! I am very lucky to come from a large and talented family and one of my lovely Auntie’s who is actually in hospital at the minute happens to grow Organic Veg and sent us up the biggest haul of organic goodies to feast on – this is just a small selection of what we were sent – it makes me want to start growing my own veg again.

Actually my Auntie’s talented husband made the bowl the veg is sitting in ( it was a wedding present) I told you I was lucky in the family department.

While I am boasting about family talents – Becca has been asked to be on the school Equestrian team and is very excited about the whole thing. I actually went to watch the girls riding a couple of weeks ago with Andrew and wow I was blown away by how far they have come recently,

Becca looks like she has been riding all her life and is so natural in the saddle and was jumping much higher than the rest of her class and Caitlin, well thank goodness we got her that body protector is all I can say, as she was thrown off but as her teacher says Caitlin could be a stunt rider as she rolls off a horse and gets straight back on like it was all part of the act while all around her have their heart in their mouths !! When she was on the horse though she was riding well too, I am so proud of them they really are riders now.

Rachel isn’t being left behind in the talent department either that little ones control of a computer mouse is actually quite frightening (she is only 2 !!) she can log in and find the games on the computer in her own house and loves playing on the Lazytown website in our house.
I just wish she would stop turning the screen upside down – it took me a while to figure out how to fix it !!
Mam and Dad arrived back on Friday and picked up Ruby this weekend while spoiling us all with wine and boots LOL – My mum is a shoe fiend and Becca adores here new boots so much I think we may have to prise them back off her feet – today she was channeling her inner 80’s child ( think early Madonna !!)


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