The New Cat Pixel and lots of cooking

I am sat here typing with a singing toddler beside me, the newest addition to the house sleeping in my hair and my eldest off exploring the wilds of Northern Ireland.

Becca has had a mad couple of weeks, she was chosen by the school with 11 other kids to represent the school in a cross- border camp where schools from the North and the South of Ireland get together to learn and have fun. She was so thrilled to get a chance to go and we are so proud of her that the school thought she would be a good ambassador for them. So we packed her all up and dropped her to the bus on Monday apparently she will be abseiling and trekking and doing team building exercises and the like, we expect her back later in the week totally exhausted.
She did find it a bit of a wrench to leave because she had to leave the newest member if the family – her name is Pixie she is approximately 4 weeks old and she was abandoned by the side of the road.

A neighbour found her and thought she might be Meg’s kitten, being black and all, but Meg was neutered a long time a go so she is not responsible and the mother was no where to be found, she was cold hungry and barely moving when we found her.
We got her some kitten milk and started feeding her with a dropper and after a couple of days she was a lot perkier and started venturing out of her bed. She is now back to her playful self.

She is here over a week now and is growing stronger by the second, she now has a proper bed actually it is a cat house from Jennie’s work and she has even started using the litter box which I am incredibly happy about.

And poor old Meg is starting to feel less displaced by this usurper to her kitty throne – last night they ate side by side and slept either side of me on the sofa so an understanding seems to be reached after the initial shock she had when Pixie arrived in the house. You think she would be understanding she arrived pretty much the same way herself.

And Caitlin is thrilled Pixie too although she has to be constantly told to take it easy with her as she gets over enthusiastic in her care of the kitten.
Rachel is constantly telling me to feed the kitten and following her everywhere – poor Rachel has had a rough week she had a double dose of tonsillitis and laryngitis, it was a nasty old dose and she had no voice for a couple of days – today though she is making up for it by talking nine to the dozen and singing.

So we had lots of medicine and hugs last week and she found a new obsession – she loves doing jigsaws, her favourite is the 100 piece one we have of the rainforest which we have to make at least 3 times a day.
I am feeling bad too, the only creative things I have been up to have been in the kitchen, with lots of baking and home cooking going on – it seems to be this time of year as the days grow shorter and the air gets cooler, that make me want to get all homely and cosy in the kitchen. And I have been spending a tonne of time on the Bakerella site – I love her cake pops and so want to try them.

So lots of peanut and chocolate chip cookies have been made and I had a glut of free range eggs so lots of quiches were made too which came in handy for lunches.

and I had to make 36 caramel slices last week with Caitlin as she was “chef of the week” in class I just wish I could get back to scrapbooking again – I miss it if I am honest.


4 thoughts on “The New Cat Pixel and lots of cooking

  1. Kerry says:

    Sounds like you have been too busy to hit the scrapping bug. Pixie is such a cutie and is lucky to have somebody so caring to look after her when she was abandoned.

    Hope your little one has a good time away.


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