Virginia Pumpkin Festival 2009

It has been a busy week followed by the craziest weekend in our town’s calender and I can see it being a bit mad for the rest of the week 🙂
First we found out that “Pixie” is not a girl HE is now a Pixel but is growing stronger and more boisterous by the day – this is him taking over Meg’s bed.

Becca had her fancy dress day at school on Wednesday and looked amazing – so cool and I adore her stripy tights.

Caitlin’s fancy dress party was on Friday which was the last day before half term for the girls- she was bat girl.

I made “mummy” buns for the school’s bake sale ( trays and trays of them )

All of this led us to the weekend and the Annual Pumpkin Festival. It is turning into an amazing event. Friday we headed down to watch the opening parade, we even brought our own pumpkin in the shape of Rachel 🙂

The parade is always fantastic but this year was even more special because Caitlin was taking part. An amazing group of street performers from Donegal came down and trained the kids and provided them with costumes, make up and props over 90 kids from the primary school were involved.

Caitlin had a ball and claimed it was much better to be in the parade than watching it but it was pretty good watching it from where we were.

The group have fire eaters and drummers and an amazing girl doing acrobatics on a sash.

The parade was followed by an opening ceremony and the switching on of this amazing sculpture -it is rotating balls hand painted and lit I wish I could of captured it better – it is gorgeous.

We took the girls down to the fun fair for an hour or so – I took Caitlin on the rollercoaster and Caitlin took Rachel on the teacups.

Saturday the rain unfortunately bucketed down but most of the events were indoors that day
with fancy dress parties for the kids and a concert by Bell X 1.
Sunday the rain let up which was great as the closing parade is even bigger than the opening one.
There was even more spectacles to see and acrobats and this time the secondary school was involved too.Becca was down practising for most of Sunday and Caitlin went down in the afternoon to join in.

Caitlin was thrilled as she was put in the lead of the bird this time – she looked fantastic in her costume.

There were samba dancers which the boys loved of course and fire eaters – so much to see.

Finally Becca’s group came along and we saw why they were practising they did an fantastic dance routine all the way down the street and the costumes were amazing.

There were great big “giant” puppets as well – the town did it self proud honestly every year the parade gets better and better. And I love that the kids were able to be involved in it – it made the parade for them.

After all of this we collected the girls and headed down to the lakeshore to watch the Fireworks display.

We had a good view and the display beautiful as always – over the lake is the perfect setting and the moon was peeking out through the clouds.

There was a giant pumpkin floating on the lake.

After the fireworks we went back up to the fair and went on as many rides as we could, Becca even went on the slingshot which is basically a ball contraption that flings people way up in the air- she is braver than me.
We finished the evening with a healthy dinner of chips and candyfloss before leaving the revellers for the adults fancy dress to it – and the were some costumes on display I can tell you !!

Great weekend was had by all .


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