Halloween 2009 and the tale of the Little pumpkin

When we lived in Dublin ( many moons ago ) I used to hate Halloween – I had a new baby that hated the interruptions and the little brats that lived near us thought nothing of putting fireworks through the letter box if they didn’t get goodies they were after. But now we have family traditions built up I have warmed to it . Rachel had a Halloween party at playschool on Friday so I took the chance to take a couple of snaps before we headed down .

I am having a hard time getting her to look at the camera these days but she is the cutest pumpkin 🙂

The girls decided to carve their own pumpkins this year – Becca’s is called Gloomy bear.

Caitlin went for the more traditional Jack O’ Lantern

They looked so cool that Cj decided he wanted to have a go and in the end I made one too.

On Friday the decoration of the house started in earnest this was the front door sign and the spider chandelier and the witches hat I wore to scare the little kids on the night.

This was the scene beside the door with all the pumpkins lit and everything outside – I am not into gruesome to be honest so I go for more homemade stuff.

I particularly like the mummy jars – or the mummy and daddy jars as Rachel calls them 🙂

This was my pumpkin – I went for difficult as usual and just about pulled it off 🙂

All the goodies were packed into the bags we stamped last week and placed into the biggest bowl we have – this year I did loads as I have had the nightmare of running out and I didn’t want it to happen again. I also dress up in witchy attire to give out the sweets, and we had spooky blue lights in the hall to finish the effect.

Caitlin went to a Halloween party at one of the neighbours house and went trick and treating with her friends so I had to grab a picture on the way around. We had buckets of kids call to the door and about 6 ish Jennie and I took the wee one around.

Now we only call to houses that have decorated as we know they are taking part – I am not overly keen on knocking on people’s door that obviously want to be left in peace. The kids have a trick each to do if asked usually a corny halloween joke or in Rachel’s case a stirring rendtion of Baa Baa black sheep. We also don’t stay out too long and just do our neighbourhood so we know the people we are calling too – it make for a much more pleasant evening for all.
Rachel loved calling to the doors and she even got her own pumpkin from one lovely lady.

The weather held out and it was even quite mild, the evening went great and the kids came home with bags full of goodies and as I said we didn’t run out, the last callers came at around 8.30 and there were only a few organised fireworks being let off so no bangers late into the night.


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