Clare and Paul’s wedding

It has been a busy couple of weeks in which I have learnt the following –

  • Wedding Photographers are SO worth the money
  • That wedding photography is very hard
  • Shooting a wedding is like running a marathon when all you’ve ever done is walk to your garden gate and back.
  • I am a BIG rugby fan ( more on that later )

On the 5th November we all went down to Trim Castle to attend the wedding of my lovely Cousin Claire and her groom Paul and yes I had agreed to take the pictures ( silly girl should have learnt my lesson the first time )

The venue was lovely but the weather was not on our side and the lighting, well the less said about that the better.
Caitlin was all dressed up and ready to go and had shoe with heels no less – unfortunately she would end up standing on her own toe with one of them later in the day and hurt her toe but hindsight is twenty twenty !!

I managed to snap my Mum at lunch time she looked amazing and also had some pretty fab shoes herself. And helped by sorting out Caitlin after the “shoe” incident which happened just as I was heading to the roof for bridal party shots.

Also caught my Dad at lunch – I say lunch I managed to wolf down a sarnie before I realised the bride and groom had no shots together and gathered them up for a few. Dad was brilliant he helped cart around my bags and kept me grounded in the chaos – thanks Dad 🙂

I grabbed a shot of Jen and Rachel – actually I really didn’t stop all day to be honest.

And this is a slide show of some of the 500 + shots I took – hope you like it guys 🙂

Anyway onto the Rugby, I finally got to go to my first international Rugby match on Saturday and to say I was excited was an understatement !!
I am a BIG Irish rugby fan and to see the guys playing in the flesh was just amazing – and to make it even better we had great seats too and it was against Australia the land of my birth.

CJ was excited too – maybe just a tad more than me – he is the one in pain today as he pulled something jumping up for the Brian O’Driscoll try in the dying minutes ( what a try that was !! )
He was also hoarse from all the shouting.

As for me I may have to give up my Australian Citizenship as I was only shouting for one team and they were the ones in the green – I did appreciate the Aussie’s play but I am glad we drew – seemed fair to me.

Not the greatest picture of me but that is Croke Park in the background so I will forgive the camera skills of my hubby – truth is we took our old little Canon as I didn’t want to risk the expensive camera so I only have myself to blame.
Now don’t faint but in this crazy week I also finally did some scrapping, my printer finally is working and I decided to finish the layout I started so long ago.

So here it is and it is already in an album and I have even started another, there maybe no stopping me. I still have to do all the Christmas cards yet and this time last year I had already well started – now all I have to do is find the time.

Oh and I spruced up the blog a bit – thanks to lots of advice at various sites ( some of which are in the links at the side )


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