Christmas Card photos and Chocolate Decorations

As I told you last week I would share my new custard jug and pudding bowl aren’t they cute – I am a sucker for cute things.
Isn’t it crazy how the days are flying by ? They always seem to fly around this time of year and my little Christmas planner has been pulled out to try and organise me ( wishful thinking but I will try )

I find the easiest way to get though the Christmas craziness is to write lists – lots of lists – turns out I quite sensibly filled in the address and Christmas card list last year, that will save a heap of time this year although I am still making the cards though so that will negate all the time I will save I suppose !! Maybe I should have written a reminded to start this card making business earlier or alternatively instructions to buy cards from a shop.

I did make some decorations with the girls for their teacher’s presents . We are making hot chocolate mugs and these will be attached – Santa is just too cute ( told you I like cute )

We got carried away and made loads – the girls don’t have that many teachers but it was so much fun to play with chocolate and sprinkles and icing.

We brought an Amaryllis to try and grow for Christmas, I decorated the pot with Christmas papers and only time will tell if I can grow it – green fingered I am not !

I did buy some incredibly funky wellies, you know to do all that gardening I love to do with my non-green fingers !!
Truth is they were just too cute refer to my love of cute above to pass by in the shop and they only had one pair left in my size so I had to get them there and then and with all the rain I will use them.

I did get around to at least starting the cards, more would have been made but we are battling the dreaded lurgy in the house- Rachel is recovering and Becca now has it !
This was my first attempt and it was right back to the Basic Grey and merry Christmas paper I went 🙂

Then I threw some Santa hats at the girls and persuaded them to pose for five seconds for the Christmas card shots – Caitlin was easy enough, the girl is a pro in front of a camera at this stage she even got her own props !

Rachel was easy enough to win around with the offer of a story – although they did get a bit carried away with the storytelling and not looking at the actual camera. Needless to say these are the out-takes and the final offerings will be winging there way out in Christmas cards to ye all.

Finally I leave you with one last card, who knows I might actually get another one finished this millennium !!

I will be pulling out the advent calendars tomorrow and the countdown will be on !!


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