The Advent Countdown is on.

December is here and the countdown is on, the Advent calenders are filled – well the girl’s one in the kitchen is anyway. I totally forgot/let time get away from me and only managed to pick the goodies up at the last minute – bad Mammy !!

Little Santa is living on the dresser as Rachel thought it was great skit to dismantle him every couple of minutes – so for his own safety he is place up high so he can survive the month in one piece.

I also decided at the last minute ( I seem to be doing that quite a bit at the moment ) to make my own version of the Christmas countdown. I loved the ones that Ali Edwards and Shimelle are doing but to be honest I lacked the time and the equipment to attempt either but I still wanted to give it a go.
I brought some 6 pocket pages at the beginning of the year – I thought I might use them on a 365 project but like all other scrapbooking this year it got shelved. Anyway I pulled them out and using a gorgeous free kit from the Shabby Princess I had a play on the computer.

I quickly made the first two “pages” – they are hybrid layouts – digital printed onto paper with elements to decorate added on. Quick, easy and I will have 2 of the 6 pocket pages with 24 6 x 4 inch layouts and one big 12 x 12 for the Big day itself (anyone following that ?) and I will use pictures I take daily.

They all match too which makes the pages more cohesive, so I am cheating and it won’t be as pretty as others but it will get done and considering how slow I have been at scrapping and how little time I have that is a BIG bonus.

Rachel and Jen along with my parents are all away in the UK visiting my Nana , I wish I was there to be honest I really would love to see her and my Auntie Win they are such fun but it was not to be this time.
Before Rachel left we had to come up with a costume for the nativity play and Rachel is a sheep of all things !! She wanted a mask so we attempted one but truthfully it looks a bit too Donny Darco for my liking and I think she would be better off with just droppy ears and a bit of face paint. I will have to make one when she gets home.

With Rachel gone I was able to get on with the card making and made a couple more today – they are not going to blow away the cardmakers with their originality but I like them and they have to be quickly made – again time is a factor.

Before the end of next week I have Becca away in the wilds of Derry again and I have to make “reindeer poop” for Caitlin’s class – they loved them so much last year and of course I have a few more cards to get done.


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