Rocky Road Reindeer Poop Recipe

There is so much going on in the house at the moment that keeping up with it all is fun to say the least but we are trying. Becca is home from her trip – she is totally exhausted by it all apparently she was up at six to do kayaking ( she is never up at six to do anything lol )
I have been making as much as I can while I have some Rachel free days and I am totally loving the new Kirstie Allsopp’s program on Channel 4 about a handmade Christmas, I love doing all these things it makes Christmas for me and hopefully the kids like it too.
More cards have been produced I am finally ready to sign them all and send them on their way.

Rachel popped over this afternoon and we made some lamb’s ears for Nativity play practise tomorrow – this is Caitlin modelling them while completing her homework this evening.

Caitlin was thrilled earlier in the week as Granny and Grandpop returned and brought with them some very pink poodle slippers and she adores them, she had been eyeing a pair up in the local chemists for awhile and has to be persuaded to remove them to get to school.

I have to admit it they are very cute and look very cosy.

The one thing about making stuff yourself is after awhile traditions start and I have been making a little tin complete with pictures of our Christmas for the past five years and this year was no exception. I took a little blue mint tin and got to decorating it.

The inside I filled with the Christmas card shots I took the other week and the date and small embellishments.

it was going to go on the tree but there has been a delay on the big tree – firstly we had to get a new one because CJ threw the old one out and secondly the lights were used in the gazebo in summer and left out in the rain so it was bye bye Christmas lights which was only remembered after we put up the tree !!
Anyway I digress the tin is now displayed on my crystals and snowflakes in the blue vase.

And I did get a bit of decorating done the mantelpiece is coming together – there is another one of the tins on there at the mo – my little pink one from last year.

Caitlin and I also put up the kids tree in the hall – I love this tree it is special to me because it was the first ever tree CJ and I got before we had kids and lived in the tiniest flat in Dublin and is only 3ft tall and now it holds all the kids decoration some are handmade and some are hand chosen by the kids and I love it more than the big tree if I am honest.

The kids is also more traditional, there are more Santas and snowmen on it than you can shake a stick at.

And it is all topped off with this fairy angel – Caitlin thinks it is hilarious that she has a light up her bum.

Caitlin and Jazz and I also made some lovely rocky road to make into “reindeer poop” bags to give to Caitlin’s class .

Reindeer Poop Recipe

It is a gorgeous recipe and so easy
3 bars of chocolate ( we used milk chocolate )
4 oz of unsalted butter
1 big bag of Maltesers
8 digestives crushed by an over enthusiastic kid
mini marshmallows
hazelnuts ( optional )
Jam – we used strawberry

Melt the butter and the chocolate.
Crush the digestives and chop up the nuts if using them
Put all the malteasers, marshmallows,nuts and crushed bickies into a cling-filmed lined tin or lasagna dish if you are us.
pour 1/2 the melted chocolate in and mix.
Add blobs of jam dotted around and then pour on the other 1/2 of chocolate and mix again.
Place it in the fridge to cool. Chop up when hard .


We will be bagging up the two trays we made with the Reindeer poop poem which you can find over at Organized Christmas.
I will leave you with a layout – yes I made one and it is even in the Christmas album already !


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