Teacher’s Christmas presents

Trying to keep festive is hard when you have a nasty cold ( yep I know it could be worse – actually it feels worse but I am determined that I am not coming down with anything else !! ) But I am trying my hardest which is why I took a picture of my snowman – check out that boken which for the uninitiated is the magical lights behind him.

I finally got all my cards into the post – all hand made with love and paper and glue and glitter (and minimal swearing !!) .

And despite the best efforts of the naughty kitten and the inquisitive toddler the tree is still just about standing although I am tick off with the new lights that we got last week as half the bulbs have blown which is not nearly as annoying as the fact that the toddler has found out they play music if you play a certain button and keeps pressing it with much hilarity on her part !!

I also have been very organised and arranged a basket full of wrapping goodies which I collected over the last few weeks, everything you need is in there – paper, scissors, tape , gift bags, bows, ribbons tissue paper and pens. Now all I need is to get the presents to wrap, so I am not that organised after all.

As I have said I have a rotten head cold as has Becca we have been looking after each other with soup and Lemsip and tonight finally I feel slightly more human, hey I can breathe through one side of my nose that is progress people !!

Oh I know what I wanted to share with you , the countdown I was doing I have actually finished two sided of my special 12 x 12 pocket pages and this is what it looks like.
I am quite chuffed as it is looking good and is quite handy to make doing it with the computer , okay it is no Ali Edwards but it is getting it done none the less.

I finally got a 3rd Christmas tree – it is tiny and is in the kitchen it is a real one and hopefully is too tiny to cause Jennie any problems.

And Caitlin and I made up some cookies as part of her teacher’s present – they are chocolate sugar cookies which butter cream icing

Caitlin and Rachel decorated them there was a lot of sprinkles on the floor when they were finished I can tell you.

We wrapped them and placed them and the chocolates we made last week and some other nice treats for teacher – Caitlin adores her teacher and a lot of effort and love went into this pressie.


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