Nativity Plays and snow

Only 4 more sleeps until Santa arrives and Christmas is finally coming together, my cold has all but gone (yipeee!!) the Christmas table has arrived and is assembled and this week we had Christmas parties and nativities to attend.
First was Rachel’s – about 25 little ones and all their parental types squeezed into the classroom it was like sardines and there was off course the missed lines, the kids squabbling at the back, at least 3 crying for Mammy, just a typical playschool play and in the middle of it all was our Rachel in full lamb costume.

She did not cry and just sang her heart out and did all the actions, she had a ball in fact and was a wonderful sheep

Next up was Caitlin, she wasn’t in the actual nativity as she had done that in second class, she is in the school choir and was singing for this year’s second classes nativity play it was a lovely evening.

Over the weekend we completed the Christmas shopping which wasn’t too stressful thank goodness and on Sunday we woke up to snow overnight a couple of inches had fallen and I was grateful we didn’t have too much more to do.

The kids were thrilled and headed out to throw snowballs and make snow angels even Becca ventured outside.
I sensibly remained indoors – mainly to avoid snow in my camera as the kids were aiming at me most of the time.

The girls came in for hot chocolate and chocolate cookies Becca had made – yummy the are too.

CJ picked up an early Christmas present – as you know we are Rugby fans and he found this little bear in a shop.

CJ claimed he was Tommy bear – which I thought was nice as our favourite player goes by the same name.
I thought it was the official name of the bear-nope it was just my hubby being silly he even has a number 14 on the back which is a certain Mr Bowe’s position when he plays – the kids thinks the bear is cute though.

I will try for one more update on Christmas Eve .


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