The BIG Christmas Post

Okay buckle up it is going to be a long post !! So a disclaimer to start – the spelling might ( will) be off , the grammar will be all over the place and it is very picture heavy, so go no further if any of that puts you off.
Caitlin and Becca’s last day was the 22nd and there were parties and carol services and the like to attend and throughout it all Caitlin wore her new hat brought while Christmas shopping.

On the Wednesday Caitlin got up early to talk to her friend Lauren in Australia thanks to the wonders of Skype – she was so happy to get the chance and they talked utter nonsense for over an hour.

Christmas Eve and wee Rachel came over for her hot chocolate in the morning while her Mum was on a mission to round up bunnies from the pet shop ( more on that saga later !!)

I spent the days prepping veg and sorting out tables and wrapping the final presents and the girls and I decided to gild pears like Kirsty Allsop had done for the table , now I had already got gold leaf in my craft cupboard ,which was sent to me ages ago to do a project with so I wasn’t spending the fortune Kirsty did before you all think I am flush ( 50 quid to gold leaf pears is so not me !! )

The girls got covered in it ( good job it wasn’t expensive !!) and we finally got twelve pears covered after lots of giggling and messing.

In the evening we made hot chocolate and set about the hanging of the stockings with major amounts of messing – most probably all that sugar they had just consumed !!

I had got the girls and myself new Christmas Pj’s which we also put on as you do.

And Caitlin got Santa and the reindeer their treats to place by the fireplace and we read the “Night before Christmas” as usual – it is tradition don’t you know.

The girls headed to bed and it is about then that the bunny saga started – Caitlin had asked for a bunny from us as Santa doesn’t bring pets to this house and had picked out a gorgeous little brown bunny and had already called it Cookie. So we had reserved Cookie at the pet shop to be picked up with her hutch and stuff.
Jennie went to the pet shop Christmas Eve morning and a very young fella packed up the bunnies and sent her on her way. I went over at about ten to pick up Cookie only to find that the young lad at the pet shop had given Jennie the wrong rabbit which is about the time I started to panic !!
Caitlin had already got very attached to Cookie – visiting her every day in the shop and I knew that another bunny may not cut it.
I was right Christmas morning I had to break the news and tears started flowing but I explained that the bunny could stay with us for a few days then when the pet shop opened we would go sort out the mess.

So Tinsel as the Christmas bunny became know joined us for Christmas Day – he/she is a funny little bunny full of personality and very friendly and quickly won over Caitlin and settled her tears.

And the fact that Santa had brought the much desired Pink zen she was after helped too.

Becca was very happy with her new phone to replace her brick of a phone she has had to live with since her friend lost her phone in the summer, needless to say she won’t be letting anyone touch the new one.

CJ and I had our own stockings to open and I know CJ was happy with his Lions stuff.

I was a very lucky girl and got a gorgeous dressing gown and comfy slippers and this beautiful bracelet picked out by the hubby and the girls.

After a breakfast of yummy croissant and then all at once the chaos started that is Christmas day, Mam and Dad came over with Jennie, John and Rachel and Mark and Dave and Finn arrived from Louth just as the snow started – it was a white Christmas in Cavan.

I let David loose with the camera while Mum and I got on with the task of providing Christmas dinner and all the trimmings for 12.

Jennie and Becca compared phones as they got the same one , they have been adding music and all sorts to them !!

Dad loved this peach stuff Finn brought with her and requested a reference photo

He even got me – I should have re-thought giving him the camera I think, we had a lovely dinner Three starters might have been a bit excessive and we had a goose and two turkey crowns and a ham but it all went down well as did Mum’s fantastic trifle and pavlova and the gorgeous pudding from the local bakery.
After Dinner and before dessert we went and did the present exchanging – we had done a Christ cringle again which seems to work out well.

Rachel loved her new fairy dress and has been wearing it everyday since.

Both of the girls got toy kitchens from Granny and Grandpop and we were all spoilt with stuff. In the evening we played Charades again – I really shouldn’t be allowed play anymore every time I do I manage to make an almighty fool of myself !! I am glad there is no photos of it or video footage. There was also a rousing game of Singstar Abba all I can say about that is that the girls won hands down and I am glad the neighbours were out !!

Steven’s day morning was a lazy one after all the chaos of the night before and after the world’s most fantastic mince pies from the local bakery (they really are amazingly good and I hate mince pies) Some of us headed out for walk with Ruby to try and walk off some of that HUGE dinner.

Caitlin got doggy walking duties and we all wrapped up as it was still freezing we literally slid down to the lakeside.

It was nearly sunset by the time we reached the lake which I had wanted to see as it was totally frozen.

It was the most amazing site – I have never seen a frozen lake before, let alone one as big as ours – all those dots on it are rocks and things people threw on it to see if it really was frozen.

On the Monday following Christmas I headed down to the pet shop to sort out the whole bunny mess but as you can imagine Caitlin had gotten attached to Tinsel by this stage so was kind of upset to have to return him while still wanting to pick up Cookie

Lucky for her she didn’t have to choose the pet shop owner realising their mistake gave us Cookie so we are now a two bunny family – I have to get the vet to check out what they are before we are a 20 bunny family !!

Well that is all for now – Hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a Very Happy New Year xxx


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