New Year 2010

Looking forward to a new year, it is like a clean white sheet of paper just waiting to be filled or more apt at the moment a field of snow that no one has stepped on just waiting to be discovered.

People have been starting things off including the lovely Debbie – she is one amazing lady, she is talented beyond belief and always full of ideas.
Not only that she is a domestic goddess ( she will deny it though ) and fantastic mum to 4 sweet boys and expecting with number 5 and does that stop her ? Nope not at all she is running a recipe a week idea and inviting people to join in – I am cheating and placing mine into this box which I made for my recipes from a circle journal I did with the lovely Debbie and others many moons ago – it is still in my kitchen.

I can’t wait to get started and start using one of my new pressies I got this fab cake stand from my secret Santa, I have been after one for ages now and the fact it is red and white dots just makes me smile on the inside.

I was very spoilt with presents the girls got me a gorilla pod for my camera it attaches to trees and rocks and the like so you don’t need a tripod and a flat floor in the woods – and the kids like making shapes with it too.

Talking of being spoilt, my lovely cousin Claire came up to visit and came baring gifts – she knows my adoration of Lush products and brought up a box of goodies, the smell alone from the box was divine as for the stuff inside it heavenly is the word. I like that they pack stuff in popcorn too it is so cute.

Jen and Claire stayed for awhile here and had a go at the Singstar Abba and had a chat and a giggle until I finally had to send a very tired Caitlin to bed.

Rebecca has started the New Year with a new colour in her hair she decided she wanted it redder and I like to help mainly to be sure she is not doing too much damage to it and does it properly.

She also has some different coloured extensions, which is a much easier and less invasive way of colouring her hair and bribery was used to get these pictures although I think she didn’t mind showing the terrible child labour I force her to take part in – look a vacuum cleaner she is being made to move – I am an evil mother !!

Another challenge I am attempting is to take at least one picture a day for the year, I have been quite successful as I already take quite a few pictures for this and to keep my hand in so to speak Luckily for my Caitlin takes less bribing than her sister, she also vacs without moaning.

I also decided to try my hand at a new technique and having read about custom Bokeh over at Kevin and Amanda‘s blog – Bokeh as I said is the lovely dappled light effect in photographs and I do like it so I decided to try it out for myself.

I went for hearts as that is the first punch I found in the draw, I made my cover for my little 50mm lens and started snapping away as you can see the first plain dappled light and the second one – heart shapes

Fun little technique to get me started on my year of photography.


4 thoughts on “New Year 2010

  1. Debbie says:

    You are far too kind – i just like being busy!!lol I love that heart effect and will have to give it a go – its fab!!
    Your girls are growing up so quickly and i love Beccas hair!


  2. Suzanne says:

    Hiya Amber! Must remember to pop by more often, it's always a delight seeing/reading about you and your family. Loving Becca's purple extensions, can't believe how grown up she looks!

    Huge congrats on being featured on the CI blog btw, glad to see that you are still creating gorgeousness!

    Happy New Year btw hope 2010 is a good one for you xxx's


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