The One where the Lake froze over

BRRRR It has been a cold one hasn’t it ? I have been keeping up with my 365 project taking the camera out everyday capturing everything actually it is hard to pick out the best of them, which sounds pompous but isn’t meant to what I mean is I take lots of okay ones but which ones are stand out pictures ?? Are there any stand out pictures ? I really want to improve at it and learn.
Anyway the holly was snow spattered on the 5th so I took that.

The 6th of course was Little Christmas or Epiphany whatever you call it and I took down the tree
much to the disgust of the cat he took up residence in it while I was removing the decorations and he actually cried when it was down, he sat where it used to stand and howled. I took his toy away.

On the 7th we made Debbie’s lovely recipe and very tasty it is too, I made muffins out of it as I wanted the hubby to be able to bring some in for work. And as they lasted all of one day I would say that was a success.

Thanks to the icy conditions there has been lot of icy stuff to take pictures of , it is a bit scary slipping around with camera in hand but worth it to get pictures of icy trees. I also took Caitlin out for a walk – many because we were all going stir crazy with no school and secondly we needed food from the shops.

It was white enough on the way down and if we had skis getting about might have been easier, we decided to check out the lake on the way and were astounded by not only how frozen it now is but also by the amount of people walking about on it !!

This is Caitlin at the edge of the lake about where the girls would paddle for tadpoles in summer
which was as brave as I was about lake walking !! Here you could pick up the ice and reveal the floor of the lake, it was crazy.

I took the lake as the sun was setting – it really is a stunning sight to behold a totally frozen lake. We came home with shopping and made blueberry pancakes for dessert, they were gorgeous and served with strawberries and maple syrup they are just divine.

The next day we woke up to snow – really flakes of snow up as up until now it has been ice on top of ice. Caitlin was thrilled, Becca not so much as she is missing her friends being stuck in.

Today we went back down to the lake with Jennie and Rachel – now the lake is solid and covered in snow.

Everyone in town seem to have the same idea as it was really busy – I was shocked at the amount of people just wandering around the lake I am still very wary

We walked around the edges watching all the mad ones taking off for a walk across the lake.

Even the boats were frozen in their moorings and the ice was in great big slabs at the edges where people were lifting it to see how thick it was – yes it was thick alright some pieces were at least 4 inches thick.

Not thick enough for me to want to be tempted like others to cross it with the dog in tow but I am naturally a chicken. There have even been people down there with skates I pray that it doesn’t crack with anyone on it.


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