Lemon Cake and Crochet Hats

Hello long time, no blogging but truth is I haven’t been able to type recently as I am officially a danger to myself and managed to burn my right arm the other week with hot oil, it wasn’t too serious but it was painful as it affected my wrist quite badly so no typing for me until it healed a bit.
I have not wasted my time however and the last two weeks have been jam packet with stuff to do even if one arm is a bit wonky.
First we went tried out Debbie’s Lemon Cake recipe, it is fantastic and will definitely be made over and over again.

We even tried it with cream filling, oh so tasty and very naughty and most probably so full of calories that it will take a week of walking just to work off one slice but I walk everywhere anyway !

By the way this cake cover is one of my sales bargains – I spotted it in a lovely local shop before Christmas and fell in love but waited and waited until the sales started and it was under half price before I could get it, after all justifying a cake cover is a bit hard as it definitely not essential but some times pretty thing make your soul happy and everyone needs that some days especially dark miserable ones in January.

The kids finally returned to school – the ice and snow lasted so long that I was thinking of buying a sledge just to get around and the kids were actually dying to get back in the end, just to get back to friends and back into a routine again and I admit I was glad too. Cabin Fever was well and truly setting in.

I have also noticed in the last couple of weeks we cook a lot and maybe it the cold but baking just seems to take the edge of the cold and the misery of winter.
We the we being Caitlin and I ) made cookies – our now infamous Peanut and Chocolate cookies they always work and go down well with milk.

We also fed others as well as ourselves in the cold and brought a bird feeder which is now hanging from the side of the shed and has quite a few visitors including a Blackbird couple that visit daily.

The new bird population in the back garden might explain the reason that Pixel wants to be outside now, he is still having injections so is not allowed out yet but he is the most curious of cats, he is into EVERYTHING and I do mean everything, the dishwasher, the washing machine, my drawer, the laundry basket, the Christmas tree and almost any container he thinks he can fit in – like my new mixing bowl which he broke numerous rules (including the no going on the table rule) to do. Good job he is cute is all I can say !!

Becca is off sick at the moment, her ear started playing up on Friday, which was the day she was meant to be going to a concert with her friend.
It was a concert we made her jump through numerous hoops to go to and in the end she was the one that said no by her own admission that her health would suffer if she went, she realised that it was not a thing to be ignored, she knows only too well what ignoring her health would do, we all learned that lesson the hard way with two long stays in the hospital.

So on Friday morning we ran to the Dr’s and like a nutty, overprotective mother and I demanded she was seen and thankfully we got seen quickly and the doctor thought I wasn’t over re-acting as she had seen Becca’s condition once before and knew herself how dangerous it can be. So Becca is now on two very strong antibiotics and we are hoping our quick actions have put off another month in the hospital and I am proud of my daughter for being sensible and brave.
She can’t open her jaw very much because of the pain she is in, so lots of soft food has been on the menu for her, I got her a treat of cheesecake to ease the pain and make her smile.

They are from the local bakery which I can not praise highly enough it is lovely.
While unable to type my own blog I have been looking around at other blogs to see what is out there usually I blog hop to my friends but thanks to Jen’s recommendation I found a blog called Attic 24 – it is just lovely.It is like a warm welcoming friend’s house and I adore her brightly coloured crochet and it inspired me to try it again.
I hadn’t picked up a needle for well over 15 years ( since I had the kids basically ) and went to the local shop picked up a needle and a couple of balls of wool and tried my hand at a hat. It- worked out well and like riding a bike it all came back to me pretty quickly once I started, the first hat took me two days and is mine.

Although the kids keep taking turns to rob it and wear it which is a good sign.

Caitlin wanted her own so this was hat number two – one day this one took in the end and I even had to throw in a crochet lesson for Caitlin as she was fasinated.

Then Rachel wanted a pink one which she wanted her Mum to make – but that wasn’t going to happen so she let me make her one – I used this pattern here I had to alter it by adding a rim as I only had double knitting wool and a no. 4 hook but it worked out well.

She loves her butterfly hat and now Becca wants one in black of course !!

As Caitlin likes to crochet we are going to have a go at a blanket made up of squares together once we get hold of the wool , it will be a fun little project together and it is nice to re-visit an old hobby I used to enjoy.


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