No Internet

We have just had a whole week of no Internet access – it nearly drove me crazy (which is a bit of a worry !!) But while we were off-line lots happened to keep us busy. Becca ended up off for a week on two antibiotics and she needed them to clear things up but at least there was no going to hospital which was a result, she did get care at home though and this was her last breakfast in bed.

The rest of us still had to keep going and Caitlin had a party in school – the kids are awarded compliment slips in school mostly for good behaviour in the classroom and to each other and if they get enough the class gets a treat and if they get LOTS they get a party and Cait’s class have been very good.

I finally got around to putting pictures into the frame my Mum and Dad brought back from their French holiday – only took 5 months or so to organise but it is up now in the bathroom.

I got some lovely flowers from my lovely hubby to lift my spirits, gorgeous they are too I love tulips 🙂

Talking of flowers – Our Amaryllis is finally flowering I will take more pictures when it is in full bloom but it is looking good which is a bit of amazing as I have a black thumb usually.

Last weekend Alan and Michelle came up to visit, CJ is Alan’s best man so they were discussing plans, well they were meant to be discussing plans but there was alcohol and food and then a raucous game of Abba Singstar which Michelle and I won definitively I would say !!
Michelle also brought me this gorgeous teapot – it is so sweet and the fact she thought of me when she saw it touched me so much, she is a sweetheart.

She also brought divine chocolaty buns – yummy they were too.

Michelle then had to deal with Caitlin which she did with patience and good humour – Alan you definitely had a keeper there.

Sunday Morning Caitlin and I made croissants for breakfast, okay they are from a tin but french pastry is not my forte to be honest but you still feel like it was handmade.

After Al and Michelle had headed home I took Caitlin and her friend to the park to blow of the cobwebs as it was a lovely sunny afternoon.

We stayed their until the sun started to set and it was quiet enough we literally had the place to ourselves.

This is the view from the park – isn’t it gorgeous sometimes you catch a view like this and realise what a pretty area we live in.

As for the week to keep busy as I was Rachel less ( her Mammy was off ) I made some Carrot cake – yummy it was too if I do say so myself.

I made a new hat for Rachel as she lost the last one and insisted on a new one

I have also started making Granny squares with a view to make up a blanket, Lucy over at the Attic has gorgeous blankets which could inspire anyone to grab a crochet needle.

It is also quite easy to knock out a few squares a night and seems to be coming along quickly, just a quick break this week to make the hat of course.

Cookie the bunny has been sick – turns out the reason she had no fur when we got her was not attack by another bunny as we were told but she had been removing her own fur as she had mites !! Grrr I am not a happy, bunny mammy she has been through so much in her short bunny life but she is a fighter that is for sure and such a character. So a trip to the vet was needed – he must be fed up of me at this stage but he knows that we love our pets.

This weekend was my turn to bring the cakes as we headed up to Dublin to park at Alan and Michelle’s
The reason we were parking and not staying was because my lovely hubby had won tickets to see Ireland V Italy in the opening Six Nations Rugby match and he brought me along as he said watching rugby with anyone else is not the same – I do love me some rugby !!

And great to see Ireland get the win and start their campaign to retain the championship. And Al did treat us to Soup and tea to warm us up after the match.

I leave you this week with a banana cake heart which Caitlin insisted we made in honour of the week that is in it .


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