Valentine’s Day Cakes and hieroglyphics

Hope Valentine’s day was all loved up for you all.
Look what my hubby brought me earlier in the week I had been coveting these cake moulds but knew that I couldn’t get into town to pick them up so he surprised me and went in and got them instead.

Last week my youngest had been doing a project all about Egypt so we have been learning all about hieroglyphics – trying to find a font that actually was a true one was the hardest thing and online translators only translate short messages and the kids wanted to put “thank you for reading our project” and their names. We finally found a font but the letters were jumbled so we had a lot of sorting to do. But it was totally worth it in the end the kids have worked so hard on this project.

I took a picture of the full blown Amaryllis I am thrilled it grew as honestly I am hopeless at growing things, the only thing I have successfully kept alive is a rubber plant but that is because it can look after itself.

We had a bit of a scare this week as Pixel,the little monkey, has been venturing into the back garden all was well until someone left the side gate open and he went missing over night we were all incredibly worried we live near a main road and he has no sense whatsoever so when he was no where to be found we feared the worst, it was also a freezing cold night.
The next morning we were heading for school when I heard frantic and plaintive crying from way up the hill and there he was looking absolutely terrified. I don’t know where he got to but he won’t be going out for awhile that is for sure, not that he wants too he is too scared.

Caitlin and I made some Strawberry and Vanilla rose cakes the turned out very tasty and Caitlin made a little box to place one in to bring in for the Valentine’s swap at school.

She also made three cards ( she was a busy girl ) one for a boy she “likes” in one class and 2 for the swap – ahh love young dream !!

Talking of love my lovely husband didn’t just get me cake moulds he also brought me Roses – I adore flowers and with the week that was in it Roses are just lovely.

I got him a gift no they weren’t the tickets to Paris to see the Rugby which in hindsight was most probably a good thing !! I also picked up these cupcakes from the shop as I couldn’t resist them.

And for dinner last I made Devil’s food cake with Chocolate Ganache – oh yes it is a dieter’s nightmare but oh so good !!

Next week it is the start of birthday season in the house with Caitlin turning the big 1 0 no more little kids for me – well unless you count Rachel 🙂


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