Cait’s Birthday and a Trip to the Park

This time ten years ago I was watching Billy Connolly on video while in labour with this cheeky little monkey – she was ever so late, over two weeks in fact and she entered the world in the most dramatic fashion and has been creating drama ever since – yes tomorrow at 6 ish in the morning my baby girl is 10 , double digits and it seems like no time at all.

While feeling wistful and old I have been working on a special project for Becca, she wanted a hat of her own and she is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan so I knew I had to track down a pattern finally I found one on-line and this was the result – cute isn’t it ?

Caitlin was also working on finishing her project by the end of term on Wednesday – I got a picture of the finished article – it was a very impressive project the girls worked so hard on it.

Becca was off all week and nagged me until the hat got finished to match the Kitty, she does like the finished hat though.

The girls helped me plant out some herb seedlings as well while they were off, they are looking good (this gardening is getting more fun ) I especially like growing things that are useful hopefully we will be planting them out in a few weeks when the frost is finally over, I mean we got snow last night again.

I found the prettiest napkins this week – I have a weakness for napkins and these beauties were in the supermarket and I couldn’t resist.

At the end of the week the girls were on Half-Term break and to shake of the cobwebs we headed out to the park and the girls had a ball.
Rachel is getting to that age where she can climb and run with the big kids and she does just that she is still not fond of the swing ( it goes to high ) but the slide is her favourite.

She likes the motorbike as well and kept telling Caitlin who was being a good big cousin and helping her on and off things that she was her best friend , it was so sweet.

Caitlin while being a great big cousin also managed to charm half the park at the same time – the girl has skills.
By the way she wanted everyone to know that she looks like a hamster in this picture because she was eating something when her Mum snapped her unawares !

I still can’t get over the fact she is ten though, she is getting much more mature in nature that is for sure, it has been noticeable recently she has been calmer but she is still small for her age which throws people – even me sometimes.


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