The Birthday Week

Well that was a week and a half – last week was what I like to call BIRTHDAY WEEK for good reason it is a none stop party in our house.
First my baby girl, which I will have to stop referring to her as from now on, was ten.
Unfortunately she was feeling unwell, it was a Monday and also Becca was away in Derry on camp so it was a quite affair just her favourite dinner and specially made cake which she and I got covered in cream decorating.

As I said Becca was off in Derry doing all sorts of weird and wonderful activities until her own Birthday which was last Thursday when she became the grand old age of 15 .

She had requested pavlova instead of cake as usual and I was going to whip one up but truth be told the local bakery’s looked nicer and was actually cheaper than buying the ingredients, so I cheated big time.

I don’t think she minded either way as she too was feeling unwell the poor girls had a rough week considering it was birthday week.

On Friday Mam and Dad came up to see the girls and came baring gifts including these cute cupcake cases for me. I did take pictures during their visit but decided that to spare the blushes of my poor Dad who was attacked by his grandchildren yet again with all sorts of glittery make up and hair accessories and I would refrain from posting them – bet he is wishing he had grandsons now.

I also got these beautiful flowers from my husband which I think was bribing me not to use the pictures of him in much the same predicament as my dad !! And also because I took Caitlin and her friends up to the play center to celebrate her birthday leaving him in peace to watch the match .

Saturday afternoon Caitlin and her friends headed up to the local play center to finally celebrate the birthday that was a bit of a wash out on Monday – they had lots of boisterous fun and filled up with slushies and popcorn and I totally forgot to bring my camera !! That evening Caitlin had a sleepover and funnily after exhausting them in the afternoon they were relatively quiet that night.

My lovely hubby finally sorted out my printer woes and I did a layout – it has only been a few months !! I know it is a quirky hobby to have but I do love scrapbooking, I love mixing papers with pictures and telling a story.

And I love the colours turquoise and pink together 🙂

On Tuesday this week it was the littlest ones turn at a birthday as Rachel turned three.
She got a camera all of her own and wanted to head to the park with it, so of course we obliged.
She found it very funny to take pictures of Auntie Amber taking pictures of her.

She even went down the slide with it – sturdy camera is all I can say, could do with one myself.

She and I both took pictures of Jennie as she came down the slide at Rachel’s request.

That evening when people were back from school and work we had a little get together to celebrate the day and Rachel’s cake of chocolate , cream and marshmallows went down very well, it was all she wanted for her birthday besides a white teddy bear.

She blew her candles out and we played a noisy game of tumbling monkeys while listening to ABBA of all things.
We played until Missy could take no more and lay down on the sofa — tuckered out with all the excitement. I know how she feels it has been an exhausting few days.


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