Pixel is gone :(

I start this post with a heavy heart because as of tonight this little guy has been missing for a week and try as we might to find him it isn’t looking good.
He went into the back garden as usual last Tuesday but slipped out of the side gate and just kept running it seems. We are so upset that he is gone and despite reporting it to the vets and the cat sanctuary and frequent searches of the area we have come up with nothing. I only hope that someone else has taken him in and loves him as much as we do.

We didn’t do much for Paddy’s day – hard to be celebratory when you are feeling down and Becca was off with her friends to so it was only the three of us.
I did manage to scrap a page about the parade year before though – I am always worried that layouts about Paddy’s day will end up looking twee !!

I reached for my trusted Basic Grey paper and the rub-ons are Laura Ashley velvet ones ( thanks Dave and Finn 🙂 ) They are very cool and work perfectly.

Talking of all things green it turns out that even though I hate Scream Metal music and Techno – Cress seems to love it. Becca is doing a science experiment for a school science fair thing, the basic premise of which is that music can influence the growth of Cress and which musics works best.
Each pupil doing the experiment had different types of music to play to the plants for 1/2 hour every day ( which is 1/2 hour too long in my books !!) Did we get indie or classical or something vaguely musical – nope Scream metal which is basically just screaming over bad metal music or Techno thump thump thumping is played to plants – I ask you !! This is the Techno plant – growing up a storm.

Rachel Ann has had a rough week too she has been a little off colour with a nasty little cough which of course kicks in at night keeping her and her poor mum awake but is not bad enough to stop her doing anything else. Her favourite thing to do at the moment is to read the “Tiger who came to tea” – she just loves the story and sometimes I have to read it two or three times a day.

And when you have a tired and cranky three year old to deal with you suck it up and read it – luckily I know it off by heart at this stage.

Lastly I leave you with a little bit of Easter – they are sneaking into the house and they are less cheeky than our bunny who is currently sitting on the sofa watching telly ( I kid you not !! )


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