Easter Cookies

I remember as a kid being asked to mind things during the school holidays – the school goldfish was one or the time I brought home 2 school gerbils that quickly multiplied into more over a summer holidays, much to my Mother’s horror.
But a potato plant is a new one on me and that is exactly what arrived home with Caitlin, obviously news of my plant killing abilities haven’t filtered through to the school, so it has joined the music-loving Cress on the window sill and I hope I can keep it alive for the 2 weeks.
Caitlin’s school has a greenhouse now and a vegetable plot, they are growing lots of veg as part of a green schools program. I think it is a great idea and want a raised bed of my own now, hints have been dropped to the hubby, I have brought some strawberry plants and want to try my hand at spinach ( Cookie loves it ) and tomatoes and some other salad veggies would be great. I have already kept alive all my herbs so I am willing to go further with it now. I will let you know how many survive the experience !!
I scrapbooked again and I am so pleased I took a leaf out of Cathy Z’s book and used stuff from my blog as inspiration – the pictures from last week in fact. I did it for Rachel’s album which I have neglected recent.

In preparations for Easter this week we tried our hands at bunny cookies, shortbread and chocolate ones – they were yummy and I will definitely be making more, although the ears were a bit delicate and I will have to be more careful cutting them out.

The Easter egg cookies held up better and the girls liked them – they were chocolate chipped shortbread and didn’t last five minutes if I am honest. So they will definitely be made again this week.

I also wanted to make some crochet bunnies and finally found a pattern for egg cosies – aren’t they so cute ? And they were so quick to make, I finished these two during Earth Hour by candle light and the light of the battery powered laptop !
For Earth hour we joined in a switched the lights of for an hour with people around the world, I know people think it won’t help much but I also recycle, use the eco wash cycle on my washing machine and all those kind of things because I don’t want to think that I helped ruin the world for my kids, call me silly I don’t mind and anyway Caitlin thinks switching the lights off is fun.

Getting into the Spring feeling I was given these beautiful daffs from my hubby this weekend – daffodils make me smile.

Caitlin looking for things to do – it is going to be a long two weeks – begged me to make recycled crayons today, you collect all your old broken crayons from around the house and remove all the papers and break them into small pieces and place them in a cake tin and heat them at 65 degrees C for about 10 minutes or until melted fully.

Caitlin especially wanted to try a heart shaped crayon and it looked very cool when it came out of the tin. The things you do to keep them busy over the Easter holidays !!

I leave you with dessert from this evening – I made pineapple upside down cake and was so pleased with how it turned out and it was darn tasty too. I will pass on the recipe if anyone wants it as I made it up so to speak – it was vanilla sponge base with pineapple rings which I sprinkled brown sugar over the top and grilled to caramelize.


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