Easter Hols

Well it has been a while – life threw more than a few curve balls in our direction recently and blogging was pushed to the back of the list. The Easter hols ended well enough, the sunshine was an added bonus so we went to the park and when the days were not as good we went up to the play center which had Rachel in her element.

The teenager and myself went for walks and chats – it was nice to have time to ourselves poor Becca gets too little of my time sometimes I feel – hard to compete with a demanding toddler and a sister that was poorly for a lot of the holiday.

It was nice – she may not think it was cool but we actually get on really well ( you know for a mum and teenager ) even if her phone is going off every couple of minutes.

The sun came out for so long we even made ice-lollys and I found this blast from my past – Fab lollys reminds me so mush of riding my Raleigh Amber and popping down to the corner shop.

The kids took great delight in washing the cars – it isn’t a chore when the sun is shining, they volunteered to do everybody’s car.

Last week was Jennie’s birthday – I made a banner, I liked my Easter one and thought a birthday one would be a good idea.

I love the bunting that is fashionable recently so went with that theme and lots of my Basic grey Cupcake.

We got Jennie a cake from the amazing bakery in town and it was gorgeous, it looked fabulous too.

Jennie liked it which was the main thing !!

Hopefully the next update will have slightly more news and I will be slightly chirpier.


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