New Raised Bed and Bye Bye Watercress

Do you remember that musical cress that drove me crazy ? Well this week it went up the Scifest 2010 with my eldest and she came 3rd in her category and was quite chuffed with herself . I am just glad I no longer have to put up with Screamo or Techno music EVER again.

CJ was off being busy too – he was best man to our old friend Alan, I unfortunately couldn’t go due child related duties so I had to leave him to it which made me sad, apparently he did good, very good. I can’t wait to see the pictures.

Remember that I mentioned wanting to get into growing more veggies ? Well Mark my lovely brother offered to help and the boys started construction of a raised bed for me in the back garden, it has now been lined because the boys stained the wood and didn’t realise it would leech into the soil. We dug out the grass beneath it and I am going to line it with newspaper to suppress the weeds and then fill it full of topsoil and organic compost.

Caitlin and I go to a grow you own class on Saturday evenings at the local nursery so have been learning how to get started we have been planting up seeds and growing up a storm ready to plant the bed up.
This is Caitlin’s lettuce planted in class a couple of weeks ago – we now have 6 more growing and seeds starting off so we can plant them in when these are ready to pick in about a month.

We have scallions ready to plant out and tomatoes ( cherry ones 🙂 ) and spinach is ready to go in too. We are even planting some new potatoes in planter bags as we learnt so much looking after the school’s potato plant which was huge by the time it went back.

And the strawberries are getting strawberries on them already.

I can’t wait until it is planted up and we start picking our own veg – this is the kind of gardening I love and the girls love it too, they are so enthusiastic about planting the seeds and seeing the seedlings pop up and there is something so cool about picking your own veg.

When we weren’t planting in the garden Rachel and I played with bubbles – safety scissors which seem to breed in this house and washing-up liquid are the only way to go !!

Kept the toddler busy for a good hour those bubbles -gotta love cheap entertainment !!

I managed to fit in a layout last weekend – went digging and found papers I didn’t even know I had !! I love this picture of Caitlin she looks so dreamy.


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