Seedlings and a Layout

The rabbit is moving slowly out into her super-sized hutch although she comes in a night while the frost is on-going ( it is May right ? ) Mark out-did himself the hutch and the raised bed are looking fantastic, he has added a trellis to the raised bed for the peas and beans to grow up.

The strawberries are coming on great they are even a little pink looking, we placed straw under them to keep them up of the soil.

The lettuce is racing away and is looking fabulous and hopefully the frost won’t kill them, I have to keep covering them up at night – darn the weather !

The seedling are at least transportable and they go in and out depending on the forecast, I mean we got hail yesterday, little seedlings wouldn’t have stood a chance against those evil balls of ice.

I must yet again recommend Quickcrop, if I hadn’t already got Mark to build my beds I would have gone with them as they have been fantastic to deal with and are Irish. I applied for their free seeds and they arrive quickly with great instructions and the news letter I signed up for is incredibly informative and even had a recipe for the strawberries.

Jennie got me these gorgeous planters for my herbs so they have been transfer into them and are growing away happily.

Caitlin planted Mimulus ( monkey flower ) in class on Saturday and was so happy to talk about all the veggies with her teacher.

And finally the runner beans have come up – I thought they might have been a dud but the teacher told us the cold would stop them so we planted a couple in a pot on the very full kitchen window sill a couple of weeks ago and finally we are seeing some baby plants.

I even did a layout – the first of many about the garden I am sure.

I have promised to put pictures up of Jennie’s new puppy – yes the loon got herself a puppy. I will put them up this weekend 🙂


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