First Attempt at Pizza

It was a gorgeous weekend I know and I also have been meaning to update since Sunday – time just slips away sometimes. Last week Caitlin had a book fair at school, she was very excited as she has really got back into reading recently and is going through books at a rate of knots.

Her favourite purchase was a book of poems about cats – typical Caitlin.

Becca has had a hard time trying to dye her hair – it is like mine resists colour and perms and the like but she is now officially pink and black. This is her in full get up ready to hit the town with her friends, the glasses are fake and I have no idea why they love them so much as I used to have an old pair like that and I hated them, they are very Deirdre Barlow-esk if you ask me.

In our attempt to keep up with our dinner planning I made pizza dough on Friday night -ready for Saturday, I wrote out the recipe for Jennie and myself as it was in cups originally not grams and ounces so I converted the recipe and printed onto card.

The dough is lovely but I keep rolling it too thick, really I could get at least two if not more pizzas out of it. Caitlin helped me make up the pizza using our tomato paste, garlic and oregano mix and we then smothered it low fat mozzarella and lots of veggies and ham.

Very tasty I can tell you even if the crust was very deep !! Thinner crusts next week is the plan and the great thing is we just use whatever veggies are available so it is a low cost dinner

Sunday was so gorgeous we had a Bar-be-Que for all of us it was too lovely a day not to and the boys seem to love an excuse to stand around the Bar-be-Que and chat.

Rachel had great fun racing around the garden – I blew bubbles to keep her occupied while we feasted on burgers and steak and sticky chicken wings.

After all that food a walk was in order and I took Caitlin down to the lake to search for baby fish, it was Mayfly season – I have never seen anything like it, mayfly hatch and live as nymphs in the lake for two years but they hatch for one day to live as adults mate and die at sundown and they all seem to have hatched when we were down at the lake. They were everywhere and the lake was covered in “bodies” which the fish were in a frenzy eating- crazy stuff.

As the lake was mayfly ridden we took to the woods instead to find bluebells and we weren’t disappointed it was carpeted in blue and was lovely and cool in the heat.

In the garden the heat seems to have set everything off – things are growing like the clappers and sprouting up all over. We re-potted the tomato seedling into larger pots, Rachel helped me with this job > It is great to see the kids getting very interested in the garden and the plants, something about growing veggies and getting mucky is just the thing for small people.

One of our lettuces was ready for harvesting – Caitlin’s one from class was getting so big so we cut it for salad with the Pizza on Saturday.

It was fantastic with such great taste of it, it is true what they say if you grow it yourself it tastes better , not sure if it the freshness or the fact we know it was grown totally organically but it was good and I am not too keen on lettuce if I am honest.

The beans get bigger by the minute and the strawberries are starting to ripen – the kids can’t wait for those and it won’t be long now.


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