Out in the Garden

Look what are ready in the garden – people we have strawberries and I have it on kid authority they are very good.

The girls were thrilled to finally get to pick them and eat them and there are more ripening as I type – it is not the biggest haul but next year we should have tonnes.

This is the inside of the gardening album I started last week and of course the first page is dedicated to the strawberries I intending on doing one page per crop.

Out in the garden we put in a new watering system, which sounds so much more technical than it actually is, we cut some bottles in two and pierced the bottom so we can get water to the roots of the greediest plants like the tomatoes which are finally getting some flowers and looking better after there brush with the frost – we were lucky.

And we planted out the lettuce seedlings which have been growing on the window sill in fact the only problem we have now is a lot of seedlings and seeds and not a lot of room – I have of course thought of another raised bed but I think the brother might kill me if I suggest it !

I will be able to plant something soon anyway as the scallions are looking like they will be ready in a week or so. might pop some carrots in !

On the cooking front we had a lot of lemons so I tried my hand at lemon pudding – very tasty it was too it is odd because it separates into a sponge and sauce from one mix.
Tonight’s offering is slow cooked garlic chicken and yes I have planned out the week again. I do change things around as sometimes circumstances change but it definitely working out.

Yesterday while my lovely hubby was cooking steaks on the Bar-Be-Que Caitlin and I headed out for a long nature walk with ice-cream to cool us off naturally.

Love walking it in the woods there is so much to see but was gutted because my camera battery died a death half way around – I should have checked.

Last but not least – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA – I talked to her this morning and it was so lovely so chat love you Nana hope you had a great day xxx


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