Strawberries and Bloom

There is nothing nicer than strawberries from your own garden – they really do taste better. I just wish we had a bigger haul than we do now but next year we should have a bucket load. And luckily the slugs seem to be avoiding them unlike everything else – Anyone know an organic way of getting rid of the little blighters ?
We have copper tape around the bed and I have a beer trap that works the odd time and of course I have tried the ” catching them in the act and removing them ” trick but my lettuce is taking a beating.

I have also got the dilemma of the new to it gardener, I have gotten carried away with seedlings and seeds and of course have too many, I could start an allotment with the amount I have if I am honest and Caitlin has gotten things in class including pumpkin seeds, turns out they need a huge amount of room ( starting to think the gardening teacher has a stake in the allotments !)

We did get a couple of vegetable bags to put the extras in and the kids are loving it still, they have little gardening sets and watering cans and Rachel took great delight in finding all the eggs the naughty white butterfly tried to lay on the nasturtiums.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the broccoli Jennie gave me – eek too many plants I think.

But we are harvesting crops, this week beside strawberries we have new scallions ready and yep they tasted good too.

Rachel and Caitlin were off with croup of all things last week , it was a tough week with both of them ill and needing attention and by the end of the week as they had started to recovered we made some cakes to take the edge of the boredom, I got the recipe from the Good Mood Food blog – we changed it up a bit as I hadn’t enough golden syrup so add some maple syrup and it was good. We made them for Cj’s birthday which was this weekend.

I also got to use my new oven glove – which I got from the same shop I got the cake cover in and again I got it in a sale 🙂 I do love me a bargain.

As I said it was CJ’s birthday on Saturday and making cards for Uncle Cj’s birthday was another poorly kids activity as I knew we weren’t making it to a shop anytime this week.

I let them lose with my card and scraps and they did a good job I think. Luckily by Saturday Caitlin had recovered from the worst of her symptoms and we headed down to Bloom in the Phoenix Park . We headed down on the newly opened M3 and it was so quick compared to the usual drive. The weather was great and the place was swarming with people.

There was so much to look at , it was a bit overwhelming and Becca and I were snapping like fools with our cameras – some of the flowers were gorgeous.

Cj’s favourite place was the food hall – some much lovely food we could have spent a fortune if I hadn’t have packed a picnic. We did get some lovely bread and fudge though.
We also met up with Alan and Michelle back from their honeymoon and they had pictures for CJ, which he has been dying to see.

We took a rest to chat and eat ice-cream and I snapped a couple of pictures of the kids Becca pulling the “cute puppy dog ” face not sure what she was begging for , it could have been the ice-cream.

Caitlin was just relishing freedom after a week of being cooped up and ran around the maze although I am not sure you are meant to jump it like a horse ! There was lots for the younger kids to do and see which was great.

We checked out he vegetable gardens and the show gardens which were just beautiful – we left in the afternoon to enjoy our picnic in the Park lands before we headed home.


One thought on “Strawberries and Bloom

  1. Julie M says:

    Hi Amber Jane – just made some of these cupcakes, thanks for the link, they were yum!! Enjoying the tales of your garden, we had our first few strawberries during the week – more yum!

    Julie :o)


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