The One with the Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

I start this post with congratulations to my lovely mum and dad on their 40th Wedding Anniversary. We had a fantastic day on Sunday but more on that later.

As it is coming to the end of the year Caitlin went on her school tour on Friday and had a fabulous and very long day. Caitlin even got to steer a boat on the Shannon apparently.

Then on Saturday Caitlin went to her best friend Ciara’s party – they went to the cinema and McD’s and again had a great time ( she has been a very busy girl )It is so hard being a busy ten year old.

Caitlin also made this card for her Dad on Father’s day to go with the new rugby ball the girls had got him.

As I said yesterday we headed down to Bellinter House for lunch to celebrate the 40 years my parents have been together and what a day we had for it, the setting was lovely and the weather was just perfect.
We had ordered a cake for them and I have to say it was absolutely divine.

And the lunch was lovely too and even when we had a small problem with one meal they went out of their way in the place to sort it out.

It is a beautiful old house and after lunch the staff kindly brought us out a table and lots of chairs so we could go outside into the sun for tea and coffee.

With views like this who wouldn’t want to go outside for tea ? There was even a pair of swans flying over , we couldn’t have planned it better.

We also had other reasons to celebrate – it was Father’s day and Dad also had his birthday last week , which is just plain greedy of him if you ask me, so he was showing us his present which he loves – a Kindle from Mum , which is perfect for a book lover like him.

We gave them their pressies of the Wine and Glasses to replace crystal ones they got when married that have now broken, with a little help from a dresser incident and us kids I imagine.

And talking of ythe kids, they had fun exploring the grounds, the eldest one even let me take her picture ( lots of pictures !! )

The youngest two liked the outdoor jacuzzi and we all looked at it wishing we could get in – it was the perfect day for it and it was set under some trees with views to die for.

When they weren’t splashing they were twirling or making daisy chains or went to see the horses it was idyllic on a summer afternoon.
Caitlin even borrowed my camera and snapped this gorgeous picture of Rachel – I am so proud of her picture taking skills.

I snapped everyone outside before we left and parted ways – I think everyone had a great time and hopefully Mum and Dad did.

I couldn’t resist this shot before we left – the signs had swallows perched on them – I know ” one swallow does not a summer make ” but what about 3 ?


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