My birthday and the end of summer

What time do you call this young lady ? It has been so long and I feel like a naughty child that broke curfew or is late handing her homework in but August has a tendency to run away from me and it was a busy August,which brings me nicely to the watch. I got it for my birthday along with many beautiful presents at the surprise Bar-be Que my family threw for me – I was honestly totally surprised, I thought we were going shopping for school shoes and calling into my brother’s house to drop off a computer part that combined with the fact that it was actually the day before my birthday had me fooled but you see I was born in Australia and technically my birthday was starting over there. Dave and Finn made enough food to feed a small country and the weather held out for most of the day. I had NO camera ( it was really a surprise ) and I wouldn’t bring a camera to the horror that is school shoe shopping!! Dad did bring his and even let me take a few but I have to wait until they get back from their holidays to share
.But I will share my flowers brought by my lovely kids for my birthday, they were so pretty.


We have also had a few new furry members of the family joining us first was Basil, the Russian dwarf hamster and yes he is really a hamster not a rat but the hubby is a big Faulty Towers fan. Becca brought him with some of the money she made babysitting this summer. He is a bit of a frisky thing but he doesn’t mind being handled too much and currently resides on Becca’s desk .
Then there is Zuki the rabbit, she came from the animal shelter she had been abandoned and needed a new home. She is a funny looking thing, her ears are short and her fur is loads of different colours but she is settling in well and she is so affectionate we are slowly introducing her too Cookie and they are finally getting along. Then they is Froggy he is well, a frog ! He lives out in the back garden we gave him a home made pond and he is happy eating slugs and jumping about and the cats haven’t found him yet !! 

We have had lots of new crops, the potatoes that were an experiment if I am honest, were finally ready for pulling late August and what a haul we got, I was so happy with them and we got enough for a couple of weeks of meals.
The beans and tomatoes have finally come though too, and we have had a glut of them which considering I though my tomatoes had been ruined by the frost is a result. 

We had the last day of summer holidays – I took Caitlin and her friend to the lake and we finally had a great day , the weather was a bit rotten all summer definitely nothing to write home about but the last day was glorious. 
I was also lucky and got a great picture as all the butterflies seem to be out in force by the lake.
Then of course we had the first days of school for Caitlin and Rachel which was the 30th of August 
everything went without a hitch, we did manage to get school shoes despite the change in plans. 
Becca wasn’t back until a few days later but did manage to make it to the hairdressers for a complete change of hair colour. She is going into an exam year this year, which will make it a hectic year if nothing else. So that is it all caught up , finally and September is in full swing, next year I really must try harder miss to keep up.
Sorry !! xx

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