Sunflowers and Lemon meringue

Aren’t they pretty ? The hubby saw them in the supermarket and thought of me and I am so glad he did.

I do love sunflowers, in fact I nearly made him crash the car in France with the cry I let out of me when I saw my first sunflower field and it was a sight to behold, unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture though as stopping on a French Motorway is not the easiest thing !!

I did get this picture though the other day, they made me happy to they looked just like fireworks – not sure what plant it is though. 

Talking of nature,  look what is growing outside at the moment our first courgette, unfortunately the weather is conspiring against the tomatoes again,now the rain is ruining them and now the poor things have blight just when we got a good crop too, I suppose something had to struggle. The nasturtium on the other hand is growing everywhere, it obviously likes the rain.

Thanks to the rain I have got back to my crocheting and have started the new blanket above , the granny squares are still being done too as Becca is having to do it for a Junior Cert home economics project. All these project ideas are taken from Lucy’s blog over in the Attic I adore her blog she even has Sunflowers over there to ( now wondering if hubby is secretly reading her blog !!)

 We have also been baking – yummy Lemon Meringue, I have never attempted it before but it went well, it disappeared quick enough which means it had to be good, Jennie even had some for Breakfast the next day.
I know you can’t see the Meringue to well in the picture so I took a side view too.

I am sure the lemon is supposed to be more solid but I did attempt this one before I got my brand new scales for my birthday. I know a scales is a strange request but I really wanted a new one, my old scales were so dodgy that if you smacked the counter it would change wildly !
Not good for measuring if I am honest. The new one is ultra fancy, it even measures liquid – now that is fancy.

As I have these fancy new scales I have been borrowing books from the Library, it only took me 4 years living here to join it which is awful after all it is just down the road and we used to go to our old Library weekly.

 I borrowed this one and the kids were thrilled – this week they want to make Baked Alaska and I have to say it looks divine – so look out for it gracing the pages of the blog soon.


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