The Countdown to Christmas Begins

 The countdown is on people, my advent calendars are out and on the go and the trees are up with a little help from Caitlin my willing Christmas Elf.

 We finally got a proper dose of snow because while poor Mam and Dad were snowed in we had a smattering to be honest, enough to be annoying not enough to stop you having to go out the door.
But Friday brought the winter wonderland to us, schools were closed and fun was to be had.

 The kids went out to throw snowballs about even Becca was out having fun and a snowball fight with her Uncle Mark.

 Needless to say Uncle Mark won that battle but I got great pictures Becca does a great pouty lip.

 The kids in the estate then made a snowman and a great job they did too.

 Rachel had a fabulous time which considering she was really ill only a couple of days before with stomach flu was a bit of a miracle but thank goodness it is short lived dose, because I have it now.

 And Caitlin was thrilled to have a day off too as she was told the news by her school at the very last minute – we were walking down in fact when the text came through.

I also got the Christmas card shots completed – heading to Granny’s and Aunties and Uncles in the post soon

Some one was in a messy humour when we took them 🙂


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