Christmas cards and reindeer Poop

 This is just a quick craft update I have been busy making my Christmas cards again trying to get a wriggle on because I have been a bit lax in the craft department recently.

The card below was made by stamping the bauble image then embossing in gold powder then filling the embossed areas with glitter glues, it is hanging by thread.

 I have also started my traditional Christmas tin that I make every year – here is last year’s example on the left and the new one is on the right, I still have the date to add and the pictures inside which will be the Christmas card pictures of the kiddies. I find the tins at the supermarket generally – this one came from Aldi and contained Apple drops which were very tasty which was an added bonus, it also has an image of Santa on the front which you can just see though the vellum and I kept in the design.

We will also be making our reindeer poop for the class I got the poem from The Organized Christmas website  they have lots of ideas for “poop” which appeals no end to the kids for some reason and they have ideas for other homemade gifts.

What else is a girl to do in the snow ? It came down again last night and we got snowed in again, no school and it is hard to get out to the shops without a sledge.


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