Christmas 2010 Recap

I know, I know – where have I been ? I have a multitude if excuses from the flu raging through the house to a very busy start to the New year and my new addiction to Twitter but truth is I have been as lazy when it come to the blog and I feel rotten about it so family ( because I am pretty sure you are the only ones that check in these days ) Here is the Christmas run down. Starting with hanging the stockings with Caitlin – yes we still do this and I most probably will do until I am in my dotage.
Caitlin was gas and decided that Santa was getting far to much booze on his travels and might get done for drink driving so insisted on water instead – I did suggest milk or cocoa but I was shot down.

 My lovely civilized kids didn’t rise until after nine but were delighted with their haul from Santa, Mixie was just delighted with the wrapping paper and boxes to play with and my insane husband decided that Blue Santa was the only way to go and arrived down to breakfast in this get up.
After a quick clean up and breakfast was over the prepping for dinner began and the family piled in.
There was a brief stop for more present opening and we opened the family games courtesy of Mark this year.
I have to say he did an amazing job, lots of research went into his choices and he got three new games one was Pictionary with which he also provided a whiteboard, we also got “Don’t say it! “and a game called Apples to Apples which was voted the best game of the year by all, definitely was a family favourite that one.

Dinner was a success which is great considering I had no water in the kitchen due to the Arctic winter conditions.  After Dinner the hubby got to play with his new toy which was an amazing helicopter again brought by Mark ( the boy does buy amazing presents) .

St Steven’s Day brought Dave and Finn, they had spent Christmas Day with Finn’s family this year and we waited to do the family present exchange until they arrived, it turned out to be a great idea as it spread the fun and the kids weren’t totally overwhelmed with gifts.

As you can tell camera’s were a big hit in the house as were phones – I even got a new one,  it is lovely and is so darn advanced it can practical do everything ( not housework though – I have tried !!)We were totally spoilt with presents everyone seemed delighted with what they got, I know I was.

My beautiful daughters also got me the Kristie Allsopp book I was coveting- I have a little crush on Kristie and her home.
So it was a great Christmas all round – no one was too sick, no one was snowed in and all went nearly to plan and you can’t ask for more than that really.


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