The One with the Ear Infection

Hi peoples – I have been ill recently with a lovely inner ear infection ( that is the bit that looks like a snail ) and it gave me a rotten case of vertigo, so I felt like I was on a rough ferry crossing from Holyhead rather than just walking around.Couple that with the fact I get really seasick on rough ferry trips from Holyhead and you can imagine it wasn’t pretty !
I ended up at the doctors for injections to help make me feel human again and  I am on pills for the next few weeks, which work wonderfully well as long as I remember to take them.

To cheer me up my lovely hubby brought me these beauties, to bring a little spring into my kitchen. It was a whole week before I could venture outside but by Sunday I was getting totally stir crazy and so were the kids so we decided to head out and find a bit of spring for ourselves. We headed to the lake and woods for a bit of a walk. Caitlin is looking so grown up these days, I can’t believe that this time next year I will be taking her for Induction day at Secondary school.

Becca came with us and seems to have enjoyed herself and the fact it was a sunny afternoon helped she brought her new camera with her and even let me take a couple of her – miracles will never stop.

We also managed to find a proper piece of Spring the snowdrops were out in the woods :)It was a lovely afternoon – unfortunately my tablets ran out before we made it home and I felt it but still worth it.

In animal news Cookie monster had an appointment with the vets – her teeth were getting over long, we couldn’t understand it , she has a mineral block ( her 2nd I might add ) , and apple stick which she chews like a demon and has eaten through the hutch more than once. She has a great diet of fibre and hay so we were at a loss, but the vet thinks her skull is not growing as quick as her teeth or something of that ilk. She also got neutered at the same time, killing two birds with one stone so to speak . Poor bunny.

Mixie will be next in for neutering as she keeps trying to make a break for the door – it is either that or she is determined to eat Caitlin’s hamster – six times she has broken into his cage, good job he is quick is all I can say. She is now banned from the bedrooms until she gets manners.

I did spoil myself this weekend too – I picked up these from the local Aldi – I had too they match me kitchen and I know it is old fashioned but I use aprons, I am notoriously messy while cooking and it is just safer for my clothes and I might as well have cute ones.

And last but not least Becca’s hair is now Blue and Black – it has taken two attempts but she is finally happy with it ( I stole this picture from Facebook – she may kill me  )And her father doesn’t mind as it is Leinster blue !!


One thought on “The One with the Ear Infection

  1. Cath x says:

    Oh i really hope you're feeling better. I've suffered on and off with Vertigo for yrs and know that horrid spinning feeling, especially when you lie down to go to sleep!
    Fabulous photos and i must get myself off to Aldi and see if they still have those aprons!
    Hugs xx


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