The birthday girls

 Long time no typing , much has happened over the last couple of months , Caitlin turned eleven and celebrated with a sleepover with friends unfortunately she ended up on crutches that weekend after a particularly nasty fall of a horse so was hobbling around on her birthday but enjoyed it never the less.

 Becca is now sweet 16 and yet again has dyed her fringe, she has also picked her subjects for Leaving cert this week which makes me realise how quick she is growing up. We have been looking at College courses so that she could could gear her choice towards her what she wants to do, it is mind blowing to think in a couple of years she is an adult and will be off to college.

And Miss Rachel turned 4 she has just been accepted into primary school and will start in September,
everyone is growing up fast it seems.

 Rachel celebrated her birthday quietly too because she got the chicken pox the day before – just like her cousin her timing was a bit off so her party had to be cancelled and a smaller affair with just us was had instead.

 It was a nasty dose of the pox too so we did our best to cheer her up. I made spotty chocolate spread sandwiches in her honour and she got the spotty cup and plate ( handy we have plenty of spotty items in the house really) 

The girls have started riding at a new school – we had one accident too many in the old one and the final straw came when Caitlin after a nasty fall was, without anyone checking her well being, forced to ride for 30 minutes on an injured foot pulling all the ligaments in it. Truth is the old school started going down hill when one of the teachers left and lessons had been increasingly more chaotic. 
 Becca on Muffin
So we did our homework and found a new school and the girls couldn’t be happier , we quickly realised how little teaching was going on in the old school and the girls will be taking part in their first dressage competition in a couple of weeks now they are getting back up to speed. Plus the fact the place is gorgeous and by a lake.
In house news –  the boys laid down some paving outside the back door to make a mini patio and even added a seating box and it is a little suntrap out there and the weather has been so beautiful recently it has been nice to enjoy it, we have even bar-be-qued.

The garden is returning to life too and I can’t wait to start back with the vegetables again – the strawberries are already back and looking healthy hopefully we should get a bumper crop and I love the daffodils at the backdoor.

I also got a new coat, I have wanted a mac for ages and when I saw one that was dotty well I had to have it and I love it.

And last but not least we celebrated Paddy’s day down in Navan. Becca went with the girls and we went with Caitlin . Fun day out was had by all.


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