Summer catch up

Well it’s been a while and a whole summer has come and gone ( did anyone actually see the summer as it seems to have passed our corner of the world by but lots happened.

We built tents , the girls went on their travels to various locations. Becca going to working in stables and Caitlin going down to Granny and Grandpop’s for a visit.
I turned 40 in August ( I was going to pretend it didn’t happen but there is no point really !! )

I did have a nice birthday party thanks to Dave and Finn who went to a lot of trouble to host a bar-be-Que . Finn made enough food to feed  a small army and the rain stayed mostly away .

We took the girls down to visit Granny Lorna too where we saw Dolmens.

and met Danny the horse and Lily the mad dog .

And Caitlin found a snail called Steve ( apparently!! )

We went to see Ireland play France in the Aviva less said about that match the better but our seats were great.
And the girl’s returned to school and Rachel started big school and looks very cute in her uniform.


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