Finally Getting Control – Organisation

Shhh I am back – it has been too long old friend.
 I missed my blog so much but life went a bit mad for awhile and blogging was out of the question.
So I am back with a new website and a new outlook on life, well similar but different if you know what I mean and a new banner, new update and new pictures of course.
Life has moved on a pace one kid is in college, the other in secondary school and we still have a pile of pets that is too big for anyone but a petting zoo.
 I still want chickens to add to the zoo but not yet, I am working on it so maybe one day…

2014 has been all about organising – myself, the kids, the pets, the budget and the house although the state of my kitchen floor currently might out me as being still a bit disorganised – I will get on it after this !

First to be tackled was me so I made a planner for 2014 – actually I started it in 2013 but this is the new improved version 🙂

Okay the whole family is included but mostly it is me who uses it and it is in the kitchen and clear for all to see.
Inside it has page protectors and pages designed by me for our family – so one has contact info with important numbers like the school, college, doctors and the vets.
Then the routines for each Morning, Afternoon and Evening – this is not for me obviously I know what I do but in case I am away everyone else knows what to do 🙂 Handy for those that have young kids and babysitter or older kids that can look after themselves.

Each day has a page of it’s own with everyday tasks to try and get done.  Any appointments get put down or any errands that need running that day.
 I use white board markers which are easy to remove.

The back of the folder contains a page protector for College papers, one for School papers, one for Current Bills , one for Menus and Manuals of things in the kitchen (all other household manuals and files are kept upstairs in a filing box) One contains things in case you need to post something so it has envelopes of varying sizes and stamps and cards of a general nature.
We have a page for Menu Planning which I do each week.

I have a file for recipes printed from websites and taken from magazines and a page with ingredient substitutions which I printed off the internet.
 One containing gardening ideas for the coming season as we grow our own veg. 

Our little family journal helps things run a bit smoother and has been a godsend since we started using it.
I kind of love it and although it isn’t as fancy as some of the gorgeous ones around the web it suits us just fine.
 I have link to a few around the web if you want to make your own and get organised in 2014.

Free downloadable Planners

Passion for savings – free printable daily planner

The Creativity Exchange – printable to do list 

 Clean Mama – loads of free printables
Miss Tiina – 2014 Planner comes in many sizes

I also made a calendar to go with the planner it using Miss Tiina’s free downloadable 2014 Calender

 I have kept it quite simple and only added the odd touch here and there to make it fun.  I might add more to it as I go along. And we have a colour code so everyone can easily see which appointment is theirs.

Get Miss Tiina’s gorgeous Calender here – 2014 Calender and I thank her for kindly letting me use her calender on my blog.
So how does everyone else keep organised these day ? I am always open to ideas and would love to here them.


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