Gardening – One seed at a time – seedlings

One of the things I love to do is grow my own fruit and veg – my raised bed was built by my little brother and it has kept us in goodies for three years or seasons if you prefer.

With spring around the corner and the weather occasionally being kind I decided to start off this years seedling in my mini propagator on the kitchen window sill.
Also my other brother had brought me some amazing seeds for my birthday. They are from Plant Theatre and are available at Amazon.
 He got me the Funky Veg kit which contains such beauties as Purple Haze carrots and Tigerella tomatoes, He also got me the Psychedelic Salad kit which has Purple salad onions ( or scallions ) and Lemon Crystal cucumber and Red Dazzle lettuce – who could resist trying them out.
 The kits come with little pots and seeds and peat blocks but I decided to save the little pots for when things get slightly bigger and I pick up the mini seed greenhouse in Aldi and pick-up some seed soil while I was at it, this way the seeds can get a good start in the warm window sill of my sunny kitchen.

I didn’t plant everything I started with some lettuce, some scallions , brussel sprouts and tomatoes and a couple of containers of the first of the carrots. The rest I will start of after this lot get a bit bigger and move on to pastures new.
First thing I will have to do though is finish clearing the bed of old plants – it is taken over with strawberries from which we got such a huge haul last year, we only finished the last of the big bags in the freezer at Christmas and still have two jars of jam in the fridge.

I have plans to extend to three raised bed – strawberries in one, herbs in one and veggies in another and I would also love to grow raspberries.
I will try potatoes again but this time in potato bags we got a decent haul the least time so will have a try but want to keep them away from the tomatoes in case of blight.
We grow everything as organically as possible so I have my own compost heap which I was thrilled to discover is now producing gorgeous fluffy brown compost and I try every natural method know to man to fight the dreaded slugs. All we will need this summer is the weather and I pray it is like last year which was gorgeous.

Anyone with slug fighting tips please feel free to comment below 🙂


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